Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One down, three to go

One of my goals this year was to buy only fabric I have a plan for (a real plan, not "I bet this would look good as a shirt" - a concrete pattern in mind and just enough fabric to sew exactly this pattern) and so far I've done fairly well. I reduced my stash a lot and keep bringing it down.

So when I bought new fabrics last weekend, my plan was to work on them as fast as I can. I can proudly say I finished the first fabric by now. It was the lacy jersey and I made it into a pretty cardigan:

I used the caridgan pattern from McCall's (M5890). I had to shorten the sleeves a bit and turned the collar under rather than over because the left side of the fabric is not that pretty, but otherwise everything went very well!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday cake - Blackforrest muffins

I made them yesterday, but ate one today, so this counts, right? ;)

I made chocolate muffins, cut them in half and sprinkled them with whisky (I did not have any cherry flavoured alcohol). Then I added cherries, cream and put the upper half back on. Last step was to add more whipped cream and a candied cherry on top. They matched my (very small) christmas decoration perfectly!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Burda notes - 12/2011

This month's issue has not wowed me. Honestly, it was more lame than anything. I still picked three pretties and three not so pretties, but in the end, this issue is too boring for me to invest money in Burda. I pity the ones that got a supscription... (BTW, wasn't December the issue were the always included fancy underwear? Did Burda really deviate form the pattern? Unbelievable!)

No surprise that my choices for pretties include jackets, right? The bronze winner does look really interesting with the horizontal seams (which admittedly are hard to see in the black jacket). The peter pan collar adds a bit nerdiness and overal the fabric choice looks warm and matches the current temperatures.
Unlike the second place. It looks like spring with pale green and tulle overlays, what do you think? I know that Burda has fancy dresses in this issue for the nearing christmas parties, but I would have liked this dress -season adequate- in red. But the pattern looks flattering and the neck detail is interesting enough to keep the simple pattern from looking like something you buy at Walmart or C&A.
The winner is a jacket again, I just love these sorry! The bow in front is created by overlaps unlike all the patterns I've seen so far (which sew in bands in the side and then tie the bow infront of the actual closure). This looks very organic and a bit like a huge nicely wrapped package under the christmas tree!
But what about the bad sides of this issue? Well, at first we have a cape made from seafoam green silk. It is just a circle with a piece cut in one place. Do we really need a pattern for this? And who wants to play batman at christmas? (Apart from me finding it hilariously funny to run around the tree and sing "Nanananananananananananaaaaa-Batman!", but I'm not that grown up and settled yet...)
The second worst is a dress which has neither a flattering form nor interesting details. The colour of this dress - which of course you can change if you decide to sew it- is horribly unflattering, the shape makes you look as if you ate the whole thanksgiving turkey on your own and the satin detail looks as if you accidently applied it while you were sewing the front part.
But worst is this fake persian lamb coat. This was exactly what I was talking about yesterday, the coat my grandma had. I think it is nearly impossible to look younger than 60 when wearing persian lamb. Unless hte fabric is pink or neon green, that is.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fabric market

Last saturday I went to the fabric market here in Essen with two lovely ladies - marysew and Frau Fledermaus! While the market itself was mostly boring and/or expensive, we had a lot of fun! These are the fabrics I didn't buy:

Purrrrrfect stretchy pleather in gold with leopard pattern. The more I look at it, the more I regret not buying it... I would love a moto jacket made from this! Although I'm not sure if I can pull this of. Or handle the comments from men on the street regarding my profession! ^^ Maybe i can find some on the internet...

Galaxy jersey! Ever since I saw the galaxy leggins on the internet, I want them. I have no occassion to wear them, yet the science geek in me demands to wear leggins like this. Only the price tag of 19 Euros per meter is holding me back. Spending 30-40 Euro (I will need at least 1.5m since they only stretch horizontally) on legins I will propably wear 3-4 times? But Neisella had a great idea when I showed her the picutres on our sewing date: I can buy 1m only for the legs and make the part covering my bottom from plain black jersey. I will alwoays cover this with a long shirt/ short skirt anyways and can save 10-20 Euros by doing so. Next time I see the jersey, it will be mine!

This farbic totally reminded me of my grandma's Persian lamb coat. In neongreen. The irony of resewing her coat in neongreen and wearing this around is really hard to resist. Unfortunately, I spent my money on other fabrics...

I spent my hard earned money on these beauties: stretchy lace in black (1.5m), grey jersey (1.5m) and some grey jersey with black lace printed on it (1.1m- was the rest on the bold). Yes, I notice the irony. No, the will be needed for different things. Apart from this I only bought some zippers and bias tape. I'm so boring...

After walking around the farbic market in record time while making fun of ugly fabrics and searching for hidden treasures, we went to a nice little cafe in the city centre. It was very girly, with pink walls, pilllows everywhere and nice homemade food (fruit crumble, truffles and mango cheesecake, only to name a few).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday cake - Bad Karma

Yesterday I had bad cake karma. It started out with muffins. I had a recipe in  book for black and white muffins (chocolate muffins with creamcheese filling) which I wanted to try. While preparing the dough I was really haappy to use some leftovers - flour in a smaller bag, exactly the amount of sugar I needed in the bag, etc. After separating the dough into the tins, I naturally licked the spoon and thought "Hmm, strange fruity taste..." but never thought about it. While backing, the muffins smelled really fruity - that scent reminded me of something - ah yes, my boyfriends protein shake! The smaller bag of flour was not flour but protein shake mix! *head->desk* Now I had a dozen of muffins hard enough to hammer nails in...

I threw them out because the were hard to bite and smelled horribly of fake blueberries

But I wanted cake for sunday and I also wanted to bring cake to my sewing date with Neisella, so I bit the bullet and prepared more cake dough. I still thought to use the black-and-white idea, the cake looked okay-ish (it was taken right from the stove to Neisella, and still warm when I arrived). But the taste was... - dissappointing?! The creamcheese was hard and tasted like rubber. The chocolate dough was edible, but not good. So, I declare this sunday "bad cake karma sunday" and try again next time!

Sorry, I had to take the picture while waiting for my tram. I was in a rush since I didn't plan time to bake two cakes...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aleppo soap

I bought this set of soaps mid october from here and would like to review a bit on what miracles they work and what poblems may arise. They arrived like this on october 7th:

  With a lot of little gifts I got: Soap with healing earth, soap with damascian rose, hair soap and the original soap with 85% olive oil and 15% bayleaf oil. This soaps are said to clear the skin, help with itching skalp and dandruff and generally to be "the beauty secret of syrian women since centuries". Let's see...

I tried them for a month to be really sure if the results are stable. And what can I say? It works wonders for the skin! I used the original soap every evening to clean my face (it also removes any make up) and put on some hydrating cream. While I experienced some breakouts in the first two days, afterwards my skin felt like a baby's butt! And it still feels like it... I will keep the skin treatment for sure, but I think it will take me at least 8 month to finish the first bar of soap I bought.

The hair shampoo does it's job pretty well. While my hair feels strange right after rinsing - somehow oily and slick when still wet?! - it dries faster and feels good when dry. The only minor issue I have is that I prefer liquid shampoo to dry ones. So I started grating the soap and mixing it with water in a bottle. Works much better than shampoo bars for me, as I always seem to forget/not reach some parts of my head especially on the back of my head. 

So all in all, I can just recommend to try this Aleppo soap. It's cheap and for me it works fine!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday cake - tarte au chocolat


This sunday I baked tarte au chocolat, a french spongy and very light chocolate cake. You only see the leftovers here because the cake was done just in time for me to leave  for an evening of games with my boyfriend's friends/ ultimate group. This is a picture from today where I will share the rest of this cake with my colleagues. I can only recommend the recipe:
Tarte au chocolat
125 g of butter
3 eggs
150 g sugar
1 paket of vanilla sugar
1 cup of whipping cream
250 g flour
1 paket of baking powder
60 g backing cocoa (unsweetened)

Combine all to dough, if to hard/sticky, add some milk (depends on size of the eggs, M definetely needs some milk). Pour in a prepared (either with non stick backing sheets or butter and flour) backing form and bake at 180°C for 40 minutes.

Friday, November 11, 2011

WGT 2012 - Snake

I dance on frescoed floors.
I wiggle and wave over mosaic monuments -
Coiling, curving, crawling, curling,
Soaring, sliding, shimmering, shining -
Creating power and passion,
Circling the earth with divine visions,
I am the Snake Goddess.
By Jezibel

I had some troubles deciding which animal should be inspiration for the fourth outfit. I was torn between dragon, snake, and  wolf. All of them mystical creatures (or at least involved in many stories), all of them associated with gothic culture. What inspired me to take snake was indeed two corsets:
So my final sketch involves some features of both:

Main details:

  • the corset of course! with rows and rows of little metal skales (I ordered aluminium ones in two sizes)
  • hairdo with snake hairpiece and braids
Inspirational pictures:

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    WGT 2012 - Spider

    The itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout,
    down came the rain and washed the spider out.
    Out came the sun and dried up the rain
    and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.

    Another all time goth favourite is putting spiderwebs or spider images on clothes/wallpapers/cars/whatnot. I think spiders are fantatstic creatures as they kill moskitos. Arachnohobia seems a bit stupid in Germany, where only one spider is able to bite through human skin - these attacks are very rare and involve only minor pain! While it would be easy to head into batcave fashion with this inspirational animal, I have to honestly say I'm not into that kind of music. So my inspiration was more the body shape plus nets:

    Main details:
    • spiderweb tulle for bustle
    • spiderweb satin for underskirt
    • spider head piece
    • spider web bag
    Inspirational Pictures:

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    WGT 2012 - Bat

    Bats !
    Bats go flying in the night,
    Some give people a lot of fright,
    Most people think they're very scary,
    But most of them are just cute and hairy!
    by Chelsea Reber and Hannah Hansen

    What creature is more dear to gothic's heart than the bat? Especially since some of them live vampiric and what goth did not phantasize about being a vampire or at least watched "Interview with an vampire" about 1000 times? Well, I'm not that much of a fangirl, nevertheless i think bats are interesting creatures and their main characteristics are quite easy to capture in clothes:

     Main details:
    • hoop skirt (a first for me)
    • winged hem of the draped skirt with metal bat decoration
    • hat with bat bones cameo
    • cape with winged hem
    • bat jewelry
    Inspirational pictures:
    Pretty Nachtkatze http://schwarzromantik.blogspot.com/

    from the beautiful Neisella