Friday, October 14, 2011

We like short shorts!

Next step for autumn sewing, still the same problem: I finished some corduroy shorts matching my vest presented yesterday, but still no buttons. Maybe I should order some new? Or do you have any idea which buttons match?

front with side pockets and waistband lining

Back with lined flaps and pockets
By the way, the pattern is from a Burda Easy style, but this issue is not available any longer. By accident I cut the waistband for the longer pants, so it is a bit too wide. At least wider than planned, but I have to admit I like that my shirts stay tucked, so I will keep this "mistake"!

Here is a picture of my button box, any suggestions?

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Wollmaus said...

Du, meine Liebe, bist die EINZIGE, die mir an einem Tag ZWEI verrückte Ohrwürmer machen kann!
Erst "see my vest" und jetzt "I like big butts" aaaargh!

Zur Knopffrage: Ich fänd ja gleiche Knöpfe an Weste und Shorts toll (wenn du die beiden zusammen anziehen willst).

Ich hab übrigens nachgeschaut, von der zweiten Sorte Knopf aus dem Westenpost hab ich doch keine mehr.