Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quilt idea - Patience training

Since a long time I thought about making a quilt/patchwork blanket. I like the look, I adore some of the quilting fabrics, but I'm afraid my patience might not be enough to finish what I started. Last weeked I talked to my aunt - a passionate quilter herself- and she recommended trying. I should choose not the most expensive fabrics, cut out the handsewing (which I hate) to a minimum and just get started!

She even helped me design the blanket, what do you think?
I will order my fabrics from, because from what I found on the internet this is the cheapest source for the fabrics I fell in love with (trick or treat design, Moda fabric 2011 Halloween collection). All in all I will need 5 fat quarters from the fancy fabrics. I still have plenty of black cotton at home, so this should be no problem.

Do you have any ideas for the back side of my blanket?

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Trisha said...

Die Farbkombi ist toll! Und das muster erst :D ich bin gespannt