Monday, October 24, 2011

Just married - but not me!

When Natron (founder of my favourite German sewing page and forum) announced that Redred asked her to marry him, I was happy for them. I wanted to congratulate them although I will probably not be invited to the wedding myself... As soon as it was announced in the forum, it was decided that we will collect decorated pages to bind into a book. Of course I had to participate!

original sketch
After a short trip to my favourite art and decoratives shop with *wollmaus* - who gave god advice and was as nice as always- I gathered some supplies. Originally I planned to add a drying line with mixed clothes from Redred (metal shirts and baggies, maybe even one of those jeansvests with patches) and the stuff that Natron posted on her blog. But when I started working, my sketch turned into:

Sorry but the text is german, as both gifters and gifted are...
I kept the text and the tattoo motive with swallows, but skipped the drying line due to space. I somehow overestimated the format... Oooopsi! So I tried again, making both text and band a bit smaller:

Much better, don't you think? I even used pictures from Natron's selfmade clothes for the drying line! I hope they like it and I wish them all the best for their life as husband and wife...

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