Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Burda Style 10/2011

Honestly somehow skimming through this issue when visiting Neisella two weeks ago left me believing I already reviewed it. Shame on my mindtwists!

 Again, a blazer pattern I like. Who is surprised? Me not! ^^ This time I like the  low buttons and the huge collar. Somehow I imagine myself in this sewn from berry coloured corduroy...I will ask Neisi if I can copy this next time when I visit her!
The second best pattern would be best if - oh only if- it was not in small person sizes! I like the lace detail in the neckline, still it doesn't look too naked because of the scarf part. Well done, Burda!
This issue's winner is the dress with whtie details on black. I really like Peter Pan collars. And the rest is clean, black and flattering - always a winner!

Does this vest remind you of something? Well, if you skip the collar and the fake pockets, this vest is exactly the vest I showed you last week. Which is exactly the pattern, that Burda released in 2005 (!!!) in the first ever easy fashion magazine. Shame on you to sell off an old pattern!
The coat is big. Well, let me correct this: Huge! The fabric does it's best to hide any detail, but it is just a plain, boring big coat. I bet the last 5-7 issues have more than 3 of them. How original! Similar to the originality of using boheme/hippie/alternativ as THE trend for fall. Who would have expected this? ^^
In this view, the trouser pattern on very last place doesn't look half bad. But if you would check the pattern line drawing, you can see that there are lacings on the side. How very 90 gothic chic. Or 90s cowboy chic. Depending on the way you dressed in the 90s.

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