Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday cake - triple chocolate

My friend who visited me this weekend would probably have stayed longer if she knew about me doing the sunday cake challenge. She loves chocolate cake as much as me, so she might regret driving home yesterday instead of today... Nevertheless it was a great visit with shooting rabbits (Wii only, we were playing Rayman's raving Rabbits - I'm still against killing of animals!), eating great food, meeting new people and partying hard! We met Neisella and Meara at the EOD, so the evenign was even better than expexted!

Back to topic: This sunday I present to you triple chocolate cake! I used backing cacao, but later found out that we were out of sugar. So I improvised and used  white hot chocolate instead. And I added some bitter chocolate chunks, so this was a rather tart cake... I only made a small cake, but I will bring the rest to work tomorrow, unfortunately my 1 week vacation is over! *sigh*

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