Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday present

It seems that I'm only sewing for other people at the moment! Boyfriend's mum wanted some trousers shortened, I'm participating in the NuS Halloween Swap and boyfriend's birthday also required some needle swinging... As the Swap results will have to remain secret until the gifted person recieves the presents, and the trousers were rather boring, I will show you boyfriend's gift today:

I made him an earlobe stretching pillow! No, you don't stretch your earlobe to match the pillow, but while you are stretching you are not allowed to add pressure to your ear. With this pillow you can keep your ear in the monster's mouth and still sleep on the side (which BF prefers)!

Stretched earlobes
I was inspired by Soda - yes, she's one of the inventers of my favourite sewing site and forum - who made such a pillow for Natron and even was kind enough to post a how-to on her blog!


Trisha said...

aww, noch ein ohrmonster <3 das ist so süß geworden!

MindLess said...

Das ist nicht süß, das ist sehr männlich und böse! ^^