Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zombie saturday - Romero's movies 1

Since "Dawn of the dead" was on TV yesterday (I watched it, boyfriend went to bed about halfway through), I thought I can tease the -two or three- people who have not yet seen George A. Romero's zombie series into watching it! The series starts with "Dawn of the dead" where normal humans have the first encounters with the undead. It takes about two thirds of the movie until they learn that bites transmit the disease and the have to watch/kill people with bites or skratches from zombies... How to kill zombies is explained in the first 20 minutes. Seems like trigger happy americans rather shoot someone in the head than research why bites leave black marks on your skin... The first part of the series includes shooting bingo of VIP dupes, an undead baby and a fully amed bully - check this trailer:

"Day of the dead", the second part of the series playes after the first part and people start arranging themselves with the zombies. The military gets interested in the undead as seemingly never tyring and immortal warriors without pain. They attempt to "tame" the zombies and tale away their hunger for human flesh. Let's just say that this is only partly successful! ;) This time, the movie is darke and has less funny scenes...

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