Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ugly fabric- ugly project?

Do you remember my post about the Natron and Soda meeting with the ugly fabric potluck? No? Possibly thats because I somehow forget to post about it? *oops*

We gathered in Dortmund and each brought 1meter of an ugly and -for us- unusable fabric wrapped in paper with us. This is what we redistributed...


The fabric I "won" and which has to be made into a garment, was this marvelous beauty:

Very classy 90s children fabric which has to be turned into a garment (visibly, not as a lining!). And I have to wear it in public. Great. I had an idea what to do with it already on the way back home, but only got to work on it today... As I want to surprise my fellow seamstresses, I will only show some sneek peaks here:

When we met again and I wore my creation in public (possibly with sunglasses or a trenchcoat covering it?), I promise to show some pictures here. But please don't laugh!

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