Thursday, August 11, 2011

Earring show room

I do own a lot of earrings - kind of surprising since I only had my earlobes pierced in 2007. I buy them as souvenirs, for example when I visited Ireland and Scotland I brought shamrocks, thistles and claddaghs. I brought some home from Munich, from Berlin... - it seems that I buy them by the dozen!
But somehow I seem to forget them. I ususally wear the same pair of practical and short earrings everyday. I even sleep in them! So most of my pretties seldom see daylight, which is a petty...

Therefore I made the cheapest and easiest way of a earring garage after Natron und Soda. I just took a random strip of leftover fabric and used tesa to glue it to the frame of my mirror. This was jst a test if displaying my earrings would help me to get more divers in my choices. See?

And what can I say? It totally worked! Now I'm looking for a nice frame I can cover with fabric suitable for my room...

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