Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zombie saturday 1 - love

Today, I would liket o introduce another special feature: Zombie saturday! I will present my thoughts, movies I saw and songs I heard about our favourite undead friends...

The first zombie saturday is centered all about love - an emotion that zombies know as well as you and me! A movie I saw some time ago touched my heart (and my laughing muscles)- "Wasting away". It shows zombies as peopl like you and me, trying to cope with an ever chnaging world and falling in love. Of course there are also brains, soldiers fighting the endemic and some killings, but mainly this film is about the zombie's view of the world... Go check the trailer:

Another way to see zombie love is shown in this song here:

Sometimes you have to change for the one you love - sometimes you have to eat brains and be undead- but if you match and are happy together, who cares? ;)

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MarySew said...

wah! I still haven't seen Wasting away :[

I totally approve of Zombie Saturday, btw :D