Monday, July 4, 2011

Desk improvement

Since I bought my desk in the wrong colour (I wanted white, but screwed in the legs before checking the top colour - *head-->desk*), I was annoyed how much light was taken away from my room. I planned to either buy a new desk (but I would have to carry it all the way to the highest floor), paint it (but we have real wood floors, so I would have to make shure not to leave any marks) or put some foil on it. The foil option won! ^^

desk before - I still had to clean the surface!
 I took all the stuff from the desk - It's amazing how much stuff one collects during 1.5 years of living here! Then I swiped the desk with soap and afterwards with isopropanol to get rid of possible fat which hinders the foil from adheasing.
To apply the foil soothly, I put some more soapy water on the desk surface. This lowers the stickyness of the foil and allows for corrections. To make to foil stick to the desk I simply had to press the remaining water from the foil with a cotton cloth. And viola:

desk after - much more light in my room!
The foil is smaller than the desk, so I might add the missing 17 cm. But I don't know how to create the overlap so that no dust gets caught in there and to keep the foil from deattaching. Any ídeas?

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