Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cake day

Since I read in a lot of German blogs that many sewers want to reintroduce the tradition of baking and eating cake on sunday, I want to join in. Who doesn't like cake?

The only problem is my boyfriend. His sweet tooth for cake seems somehow damaged. He doesn't like chocolate cake - gasp! Actually, if the cake doesn't taste very bland - like cake with butter and almonds on top- or contains lemons, he doesn't eat it. I guess I will be my coworkers dream when I bring the cake leftovers for them on monday... But maybe he finds his taste for chocolate cake or some other cake on any sunday? Who knows?

This sunday I started with some apple cake as I had leftover apple sauce. I somehow overestimated the capacity of my mum's form, so I ended up with two cakes... Uups! Well, but the taste was great:

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