Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday cake - chocolate delishiousness

Today I had some chocolate sponge cake with 90% chocolate. It is a rather tart cake, not very sweet but rich and it definetely extinguishes every chocolate urge!

Actually, I also had quarkstrudel (cream cheese strudel) as well, but that cake was done by my mum. Or lets say she tawed it, it was baked by Coppenrath&Wiese, a famous german frozen cake company...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zombie saturday 1 - love

Today, I would liket o introduce another special feature: Zombie saturday! I will present my thoughts, movies I saw and songs I heard about our favourite undead friends...

The first zombie saturday is centered all about love - an emotion that zombies know as well as you and me! A movie I saw some time ago touched my heart (and my laughing muscles)- "Wasting away". It shows zombies as peopl like you and me, trying to cope with an ever chnaging world and falling in love. Of course there are also brains, soldiers fighting the endemic and some killings, but mainly this film is about the zombie's view of the world... Go check the trailer:

Another way to see zombie love is shown in this song here:

Sometimes you have to change for the one you love - sometimes you have to eat brains and be undead- but if you match and are happy together, who cares? ;)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Favourite book

You Are a Fantasy Book

You can't help but see the world as how you want it to be. You are an idealist.

You don't put bounds or limitations on your thoughts. You are a down to earth daydreamer.

You can picture whole other worlds and lives. You have a very vivid imagination.

You're the type of person who would like to believe anything is possible. You believe there's so much more to this world than what we see.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pirate pants

Unfortunately, non of my pics from Amphi show my nice pirate pants! I sewed them before WGT to match the steampunk outfit if the weather would be too cold for bloomers (weather around white monday seems unpredictable every year - I have seen snow, heatwaves and storm!). So now I present you some rather ugly pics (it was raining all day, so no chance for better light):

back side
front - you see the cargo pants? I often heard they start hitting you when filled with stuff. Mine don't, I guess the key is keeping the pants close enough to the leg...

back pockets closet - those are pouch pockets which can contain a lot of stuff!

The flaps are lined in the same fabric as the steampunk jacket

leg closure
Fabrics were the same as for the jacket, I have none of these fabrcis left. But I think I used them for a good cause! *wollmaus* might recognise the buttons, she gave them to me as a birthday present years ago... Thanks! ^^

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cake day

Since I read in a lot of German blogs that many sewers want to reintroduce the tradition of baking and eating cake on sunday, I want to join in. Who doesn't like cake?

The only problem is my boyfriend. His sweet tooth for cake seems somehow damaged. He doesn't like chocolate cake - gasp! Actually, if the cake doesn't taste very bland - like cake with butter and almonds on top- or contains lemons, he doesn't eat it. I guess I will be my coworkers dream when I bring the cake leftovers for them on monday... But maybe he finds his taste for chocolate cake or some other cake on any sunday? Who knows?

This sunday I started with some apple cake as I had leftover apple sauce. I somehow overestimated the capacity of my mum's form, so I ended up with two cakes... Uups! Well, but the taste was great:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paysley star

What pattern are you?
Pros: you are kind and sweet and very creative. you like art and secretly still believe in things like fairies no matter what others say. you appreaciate your self and like to go outdoors. you also have a knack for telling what ppl r feeling and are very empathetic.

Cons: you may be very shy and not very outgoing. youd rather write about an adventure than have one. you also may notice your imperfections and be very self concious.
Fun quizzes, surveys & blog quizzes by Quibblo
This probably means that *wollmaus* likes me! ^^

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amphi 2011 - sunday

On sunday I wore a mixup of my steampunk outfit and pirate style - arrrrh! ;)

Me and Trisha <3
  I met Trisha again at the cyberloxx booth. She's so nice and asked me for pictures for her blog... I have to send her an customer appreciation picture wih her bag. I carry it around all the time!
  I was interviewed by a radio station in from Nürnberg. I din't wan't to hear all the gibberish I said... They even asked for worst dressed on the festival!
incognito glasses - amazingly comfortable!
  Again, I met some fellow NuS girls (and Mandibel, the only male forum member on the festival!) and had a lot of fun. Especially dancing with weißerregenbogen at Feindflug!

  And I met the most adored Nachtkatze who sews amazing costumes, dresses and skirts. She has a store in Siegburg which I have to visit for a hoop skirt fitting! I'm so excited!
Nachtkatze fanpic - I have to visit her shop soon

Music was nice - I heard some das ich and covenant in the background and danced through the whole Feindflug concert. But this festival was mostly about meeting friends and enjoying life in general than all about music...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Amphi 2011 - saturday

Here is my "nothing to wear" for saturday:

Hat and earrings: Niniel Chan, blouse: H&M, corset: second hand: Weißerregenbogen, skirt (and underkirt for the morticia addams effect): made by myself

It was really nice, although we were to late to see XR-X - when we were inside and in front of the stage, they played there last song. Bummer, but we heard everything from outside!
I saw a lot of bands on saturday - Samsas Traum (I like to music, but the singer is mental), Tanzwut, Suicide commando, deine Lakaien (<3), Frozen plasma (which I liked better than before in the Matrix) and Staubkind (boring...).
There were a lot of sellers at the Amphi; at Cyberloxx I met Rubicon and Trisha, Wu was also running around and promoting his label Re-agenz. At the Elfenrausch boot I spent some money I don't have on little earrings with my logo spider. Later on I met Alex from Eisbrecher (but didn't talk to him as he was surrounded by fans) and edid my makeup next to Ophelia Overdose. She seems nice but not the brightest...
I also went to the Natron & Soda CT and hat a very nice chat to a lot of people... It started to rain in the evening which made the Lakaien concert somewhat less nice, but the BF and I stood under the umbrella and listened to Veljanov's voice as long as we could take it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Seven deadly sins

Who did you last get angry with? One of the students I teach

What is your weapon of choice? Poison (Yes, I'm a girl... So what?)

Would you hit a member of the opposite sex? Yes

How about the same sex? Yes

Who was the last person who got really angry at you? My ex-boyfriend

What is your pet peeve? People who don't cut the threads that manufactorers use to keep clothes orderly while transporting. For example in plait skirts. Or slits in ´jackets...
Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily? I get annoyed easily, but the anger goes away just as fast...

What is one thing you're suppose to do daily that you haven't? Do some sports

What is the latest you've ever woken up? 6 p.m. (after coming home at 6 a.m.)

What is the last lame excuse that you made? I have to clean my flat

Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through? Yes - I'm actually a fan o
f this 15 minutes commercials about magic bullet or quick and brite.

How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock this morning? Not a single time, I don't snooze

Are you a meat eater? No, but I eat fish

What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/event? I don't know, but I can drink a lot. Like almost one bottle of whiskey lot...

Are you comfortable with your drinking and eating habits? No. I should eat less and better.

Do you enjoy candy and sweets? Yes,way too much.

Which do you prefer: sweets, salty foods or spicy foods? Sweets

Have you ever looked at a small house pet or child and thought, "lunch"? Just if you add some ketchup ^^

How many credit cards do you own? One, but it's a prepaid one

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Travel the world.

Would you rather be rich or famous? Rich 

Would you accept a boring job if it meant that you would make megabucks? Yes, actually for while. and then return to something fun...

What's one thing that you have done that you're most proud of? Being myself most of the time.
What's one thing you have done that your parents are most proud of? They love me are proud of everything I do.

What thing would you like to accomplish late in your life? Be happy and contend with what I did in life.

Do you get annoyed by coming in second place? No

Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors? No

Have you ever cheated to get a better score? Yes

What did you do today that you're proud of? I actually did some boring work and called an english company (I hate calling).

How many people have you seen naked (not counting movies, family, strippers, locker rooms)? A lot.

How many people have seen you naked (not counting physicians, doctors, family, locker rooms, or when you were a young child)? About the same amount.

Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a person of your chosen sex during a normal conversation? Yes, why not. Doesn't everyone do this sometimes?

What is your favorite body part of a person of your gender choice? Face,and the whole body composition - everything has to match.

Have you ever had sexual encounters (including kissing/making out) with multiple persons? Yes

Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute? No

What items of your friends would you most want to have for your own? The talent to make jewelry.

Who would you want to go on "Trading Spaces" with? Never heard of this. I guess I have to switch places. So I would choosemy dad.

If you could be anyone who existed in the world, who would you be? I prefer to be myself, actually

Have you ever been cheated on? Yes, by my first ever boyfriend. This is why we broke up.

Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In general I like myself, but sometimes I wish to have different features.

What inborn trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself? Organizing skills.

What deadly sin...
Do you do the most often? Sloth and lust.

Do you do the least often? Wrath and greed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amphi - and I have nothing to wear!

Today I spontanously bought an Amphi ticket for this weekend. I was on Ebay, it was cheap - cheaper than original price!- and I wanted to go anyway (4th festival with Feindflug in a row - I'll tell you when I get bored ;) )... I feel really giddy now!

But I have nothig to wear! Well, actually, I have a full stash of nothing-to-wears so there is a lot of potential to improvise. I still have not worn the steampunk outfit I prepared for WGT. So this will be the sunday outfit. It will be rainy and cold, so half length pants and a matching jacket seem a good idea. Right?

But what to wear on saturday? I would love to wear the hat I bought from Nini that you have seen in the last post. Maybe I should combine the fishtail I wore last M'era luna? Or should I try and sew something tomorrow? Today I have Zumba and on friday there is a barbeque at my boss'es place which I will attend. only chance for sewing is tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shopping spree

As soon as my monthly money entered my bank account, Dawanda started a sale in honour to the female football league! I really don't care about football (no matter which gender plays it! ^^), but can hardly pass any opportunity for a good sale... So I went to the shops of to ladies whose work I only admired from afar and bought:
The bag on the right from MarySew, because I love cake and candy! There is even some ice cream pops incorporated into the moving "clutter bag"! *LOVE*

And this hat by the lovely Niniel-Chan! I had the honour to visit her two weeks ago and we had a lot of fun sewing and making chocolate fondue...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heyho sailor!

Too much flash

a little out of focus
Thereyou go, I'm still sewing and have not fallen from the face of the earth! I have a lot to do at work, so my priavet life suffers a little... Some really urgent last minute projects  which can not take much longer (I hope)!

This sailor skirt was sewn from fabric that I got from the lovely *wollmaus*, about a meter of navy polyester. I added 2 lines of polysatin ribbon, made a lot of pleats and inserted a zipper - done! I still need to sew in my label, then I will take some pictures of me wearing it...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Desk improvement

Since I bought my desk in the wrong colour (I wanted white, but screwed in the legs before checking the top colour - *head-->desk*), I was annoyed how much light was taken away from my room. I planned to either buy a new desk (but I would have to carry it all the way to the highest floor), paint it (but we have real wood floors, so I would have to make shure not to leave any marks) or put some foil on it. The foil option won! ^^

desk before - I still had to clean the surface!
 I took all the stuff from the desk - It's amazing how much stuff one collects during 1.5 years of living here! Then I swiped the desk with soap and afterwards with isopropanol to get rid of possible fat which hinders the foil from adheasing.
To apply the foil soothly, I put some more soapy water on the desk surface. This lowers the stickyness of the foil and allows for corrections. To make to foil stick to the desk I simply had to press the remaining water from the foil with a cotton cloth. And viola:

desk after - much more light in my room!
The foil is smaller than the desk, so I might add the missing 17 cm. But I don't know how to create the overlap so that no dust gets caught in there and to keep the foil from deattaching. Any ídeas?