Thursday, June 16, 2011

WGT 2011

This is where I spent my weekend: In Liepzig in a huge mass of black/gothic people.  It was amazing; I didn't see many concerts, but most of what I saw was great. I really liked "love like blood" (sadly this was there last reunion concert, so I took my chance), Menschdefekt, XMH and Eluveiti. The picture above shows the waiting line for Mark Benecke's talk which we sadly missed because to many people wanted to attend it. We made it next day!
It was also great to meet many friends again, I think I will make a separate post about all the get togethters I attended. Lastly, I went shopping and spent my money mostly on independent designers instead of huge brands. The only exceptions are these:

shop picture (reduced to 20 Euro) , mine are still drying after wash

actually, no money was spent on this hairbow - I won it at x-tra-x
gloves from cyberdog - for 13 Euro and I love the circuit print... 

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