Monday, June 27, 2011

Sportswear - never mind the colours ^^

 Yes, I will wear this outside where people can see me. I don't remember where and when I bought this fabric, but although the colours are not very "me" the quality of this jersey is great. So I decided to make something of it and reduce the amount of fabrics I own.  The top was sewn after a commercial pattern - McCall's 4261 - both pants are variations of some shorts I bought at H&M last year. I will wear the shorts for running and the half length pants for Zumba. The only course I do were the more colours are the better!

Sleep deprived sewing....

No matter how many (or few?) hours you sleep, if you plan to overlock always double tap! When I cut the pattern again, I will pin the fabrics I don't want to overlock back! I swear!

Friday, June 24, 2011

WGT 2011 - monday's outfit

Here is what I wore on Monday. I didn't make anything except my hair (a lot of fake hair), ao I never got around to wear my steam (or diesel-) punk outfit. Well, something to wear at Mera luna or Amphi this year! ^^

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burda Style 7/2011

This month's issue has some really nice patterns that I have not seen in Burda before - which was not the case for the last few issues. I think that it is neccessary to invent new patterns and not show the same safari/hippie/bridal/underwear stuff that was already published again and again... I always read on US blogs how people think that Burda patterns are highly inventive with current details, but I wonder how to find them when I already know that may means bridal dresses, and june means safari collection. On with the actual pattern discussion:

As I said, I some some new stuff in this issue! The dress on third place was not one of them. it is a bit saggy and I think I saw the slit in front thing already this year, but done in the right fabric it surely looks great (just check out the pubple satin used for the model with a longer slit in front)!
The patterns winning second place also look fairly traditional, but the high waist and the loose form in masculine style appeal to me. Maybe I should put this on my neverending to-sew-list.
What I like best is the grey drapey jersey dress in the middle. The sleeves remind me of the galaxy dress and the drapes seem flattering and pretty. I will definetly try to come up with something like this in future! The jersey helps to dress it down, so thins would - with appropriate length- also be suitable for my work.

On the bad side there is a whole collection involving sequins in this issue. This jacket represents some tops and a dress. While this might be nice to wear on a techno party in Ibiza, the jacket combines frumpy and glittery in the worst of all ways...
I also dislike the dress on the right. Over size S this will look horribly like droopy chest with large muffin top. Very flattering on no one except Barbie!
And what would Hippie-July be without pants that look like yoga wear? I like jersey waistbands because they are comfortable, but in combination with carrot legs in thin fabric, this screams "hippie take a shower!" to me. Sorry Burda!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boredom, here I come

Raw evil score: 40%

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Promised space girl jacket

Here is the promised shot of the jacket: It was cut after the kittykat jacket pattern offered for free by NatronundSoda (German only) but with some alterations - no hood, shortened, lined and with some stretchy hemmings.

The lining is poly-something, which makes the whole jacket about as breetheable as a plastic bag. But the colours look so pretty together and PVC on itself is not very nice to wear anyway...;)

The applique on the back was part sewn (the gun) and part glued - thanks to Gütermann textile glue!
Colour matching picture before adding to back of jacket
And the finished back!

Monday, June 20, 2011

WGT 2011 outfits

Since I'm a really bad fashion blogger and tend to forget that one can use a camera on festivals as wel, I only have pictures of two outfits - the ones I wore to the victorian picknick and our Natron and Soda CT. Less fuss, more pics:

Friday was the VicPic, and I'm not sure whether I will attend it next time as well. I liked the people I met there, but the amount of photographers running around and disturbing every interaction with other people was a bit too much in my eyes. But the dresses were amazing and I met some people I knew (my boyfriend left soon after bringing me there, he was not interested in fancy dressing ^^).

I wore the tornure - sadly without the wired underskirt, which was not finished on time- with a hat my mum gave me as a present two days before WGT. I also had some fake hair on my head which you can't see in the pics although I curled them myself and was pretty pleased with the result...

Me with Niniel Chan and an unknown bystander - I told you about photographers always getting in the way?!

found at
Sitting drapey might be my new hobby, but I have to find a way to stear people of my skirts. Electfo fence? Barbed wire?

found at
Detail shot of the trim. I'm still in love!
 On Saturday I attended the big CT of my favourite forum. This time my boyfriend was with me all the time and had a s much fun as I had. He talked to Niniel Chan's husband a lot and even discussed computing issues with RedRed, who still is not nice. While I stick out from this picture:
found at
The only shot where one can see my outfit is this one:
found at
Yes, I wore mainly white. And the best part of my outfit was the jacket, which I unfortunately left at the hotel after our shopping spree in the AGRA. I promise to post a picture after my pilates course today!
I sewed the short from white PVC, the jacket from pink PVC and cut a pink tight into holes. Not the most selfmade outfit, but due to PVC sewing it cost my more nerves than the tornure stuff. *sigh*

Friday, June 17, 2011

WGT 2011 - KrankHaft

Label and pin
As I said, I spent most of my money on designers that are new to the industry, work hard in the job and sell small runs of specific clothes. A new label I encountered on the WGT first was KrankHaft, which is a label founded during the bachelor thesis of Julia and Lisa. While there will be online sales over the linked site, their booth at WGT was the first selling opportunity for this new label. I instantly fell in love with their designs, but as my money is not endless, I decided to buy at least one piece. I bought the jersey dress with a bleached and painted skull you can see here...
shows the brightness of the colours, but the dress really is black
Better picture of the skull

It is assymetric, hits at best mini length and due to the bleaching is really a one of a kind dress that I will probably not see on every girl at a party. The dress was 60 Euros and I think is really worth what I paid.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

WGT 2011

This is where I spent my weekend: In Liepzig in a huge mass of black/gothic people.  It was amazing; I didn't see many concerts, but most of what I saw was great. I really liked "love like blood" (sadly this was there last reunion concert, so I took my chance), Menschdefekt, XMH and Eluveiti. The picture above shows the waiting line for Mark Benecke's talk which we sadly missed because to many people wanted to attend it. We made it next day!
It was also great to meet many friends again, I think I will make a separate post about all the get togethters I attended. Lastly, I went shopping and spent my money mostly on independent designers instead of huge brands. The only exceptions are these:

shop picture (reduced to 20 Euro) , mine are still drying after wash

actually, no money was spent on this hairbow - I won it at x-tra-x
gloves from cyberdog - for 13 Euro and I love the circuit print... 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I've maded you some cake (but I eated it)

While I _really_ need to hurry sewing for WGT (only 2 1/2 days to go! Wahhhhh!), today my boyfriend's parents visited us. They will take care of our little monsters during our stay in Leipzig, so of course I had to take some hours of the sewing machine...

Even more so because I prepared a cake for them. My first 3 layer cake ever, with selfmade bisquit (my mum swears she is not able to bake bisquit, here is proove that I did not inherit that trait!):

selfmade bisquit cake (I think it's sponge cake in english?)

The top was decorated with raspberries
I kind of forgot to cream the sides, oops! We ate it nevertheless...
3 layers! Yay!
I prepared to cream filling with raspberries and white chocolate. It was delicious!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Burda Style 6/2011

Oh Burda, how do you test my self restraint with your pretty sneak previews for next month's issue with Brigitte Bardot and 60s style? And how is my glorious imagination always better than the patterns you actually deliver? I had high hopes, but I only like - not love- one of the patterns from this series! I have to admit, this pattern is my favourite of the whole issue, but the rest dissapointed with bras that hold not more than a young B cup, baggy shirts and kimono sleeves! *sigh* Only the dress with the heart shaped neckline is nice and might be added to my to sew list. 
Otherwise I liked the tunic and the wrap dress from the designer's pattern although they both have necklines even lower than Burda necklines in general. In summer I prefer to wear as few layers as possible, but a tank top underneath this is neccessary!

The uglies are mostly Burda's beloved sack fashion. Although the worst pattern is from the plus size selection, the width is the same as for the coral shirt on the left. I don't like shirts without a collar, so even an okay fit would not rescue the pattern for me. 
And what about those pants? Why use a dressy fabric and then use elastics instead of a real trouser's waistband? Do you really plan to eat that much?