Monday, May 16, 2011

Post musselin sewing

On friday I had a big and important meeting were I had to present some of my current data, so I put up a lot of scheduled posts for this and last week. But I was not lazy and really worked on my WGT stuff!

I made some progress with the tornure: Neisella told me how to improve the fit of the wired underskirt and it seems to work. Unfortunately the boyfriend is needed to cut the spiral steel, maybe he will do so tonight. I'm also still hemming the basic skirt, so I show you what is almost done...

The buttons are not fastened, that's why the appear to be shifted! Still need to do the buttonholes!

Something about the details:

As I said in this post, I had some measuring tape band that I wanted to integrate into the jacket. I was not quite sure about adding lace, but in the end fell in love with some lace on ebay and bought it! For the jacket I cut the lower layer of said lace because the bulk added by band and lace like this was already enough. The bands look as if I used some cord underneath, very 3D! In the detail shot from the "apron" you can see the lace in full glory:

I will show you the almost finished tornure later this week, maybe even the fully finished version. I still have some hemming and draping to do, but I need the wirde underskirt finished for that!

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