Tuesday, February 22, 2011

21 out of 30

Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, longsleeve: Primark, kitty bow blouse & booties: H&M, earings: Iam

I had a really productive weekend and week - so far it's only tuesday, but well- I sew, I cleaned, I destashed, I sorted, I planned... Once I finish doing my taxes, you can call me queen bee!

I look about as tired as I feel in this picture. Maybe I should try to go to bed before 11.30 pm during the week? I had some of these lip markers on in this picture, but it seems that they are fading really fast. It's a pity because I love that the colouris so light and I don't leave kissing traces on my boyfriend! And I have even more girly stuff to talk about today: Pink galore is coming!

This pillow was sewn from one of the most expensive fabrics I ever bought. I think it was 7 Euro per meter. Yes, I'm a cheap fabric buyer. I have sources were I pay about 1-2 Euros per meter. And I use them well! But look at the details:

I love the colours (first pic is more colour accurate) and the cherry blossoms. The pillow will look very pretty on my bed!

I then used a piece of farbic I got from Neisella when she first visited me. I planned to sew a corset then, but I somehow don't feel like I would wear this anymore. So, I turned it into something more... - mature?

I needed a new toilet bag, because my old one literally tore to pieces after years of use. I used a wipeable lining in black, so I can get rid of the occassional makeup or tooth paste. The other part of the fabric also wanted to be gone, so I present to you:

A bag, perfectly sized for my new netbook. Now I don't have to feel bad about leaving this pretty kitty fabric inside of some box, but rather have a new bag to show to the world. Win-win, if you ask me! ^^

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Neise||a said...

Die Taschen sind ja süß =)
Den Stoff bei dir zu lassen war definitv die richtige Entscheidung *g*

Beichten muss ich auch noch *schäm* Ich hohle Nuss muss leider wieder absagen =(
Ich bin am 5. bereits mit ::victoria:: und meara verabredet, zur Rabenschwarzen Nacht. Ich und mein Siebgedächtnis T_T