Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I might sew and wear

To be totally and brutally honest with you, I can't draw clothes for the sake of my life. So please, be nice if you comment! These sketches are mere reminders for me of what I had in mind and might be changed while sewing. A lot.

clicking makes to pictures large

This is the first sketch I'd like to sew and this is also the one I ordered the fabric for. It will contain a bustled skirt with undergarments, a camisole, a corset, a jacket and a hat. I already have this hat at home, but I plan to add some metal skissors to it to go with the "sewing theme". I also have had a ribbon with inch markings like measuring tape at home which I will use to decorate the garments:

this one in black and white

The farbics I will use are plain black and apple green cotton sateens, with some shine but not like the cheap polyester satins I would only recommend for playing dress up:

I guess you can all imagine how this fabric looks in black. BTW this is the stock foto of the ebay seller I got it from...

All skirts (including the bustle) will be made from the green fabric, only the ruffle at the bottom hem will be in black. Hey, I will wear this outside, so it WILL get dirty. And it's easier to get stains out of black than bright green... I'm also considering adding black lace to the measuring tape ribbon, so it won't look lost in the green. I guess we will sew while I'm sewing! For the jacket I will make a green front panel and everythig else in black. Again the sleeves will have the ribbon (and maybe lace) detail. I think black buttons will fit nicely, maybe some mother of pearl ones? Also something I will leave for later (I can see myself sewing the buttons during driving to the WGT...)

I will also sew a decorative and functional camisole because you never know about the temperatures on white monday, I had everything from 15-32°C while staying in Leipzig. If it's cold I will wear everything I planned, otherwise I will try to undress as much as possible while being in public! ^^ The camisole will be black with a green accent band at the neckline. The corsett will be plain black (maybe I will take one I already own, if there are time or motivation issues).

For the bustle underconstruction I will draft the pattern myself, I saw some construction sites on the internet and feel confident that I can do this myself. I will use scrap fabrics for this, so expect the most hillarious bustle of all times. For prettyness sake I will add a ruffle of the green sateen at the bottom which is the only part that might be visible. I stille need to order the boning, but I plan to sew it first so I can measure how much steel I will need.


Lisa Lotte said...

Omfg that ribbon! Love at first sight <3

Neisella Nightshade said...

Der Entwurf sieht schonmal sehr hübsch aus! (Ich zeichne ziemlich genau so ^^)
Und dein Vorhaben klingt sehr vielversprechend!

Neisella Nightshade said...

Ich schon wieder ;-)

Ich würde dir gerne den "Liebster Blog"-Award überreichen, wenn du ihn haben möchtest ^.^