Monday, January 10, 2011

What I might sew and wear III

This is the last planned outfit so far (maybe I'll do some more, but I will tell you then! ^^), Offiicer Octopus. While everyone seems to be obseesed with airships and pirates in steampunk nowadays, I'm heading to be a marine! This time I borrow an idea from a reader - Fräulein Mieze. She painted thick lines on her mad tea party skirt and bloomers, I would like to paint lead coloured stripes on my pants (and maybe disaster bloomers in case it will be 35°C again). I hope that you don't mind, otherwise I will have to rethink my bottoms!

Other than that I will sew a shoulder cover with matching overseas cap, a corset and maybe a blouse (I have something at home which I might wear if time runs out). I will paint an octopus on the back of the shoulder cover and the cap.

The corset might be in grey or black, while the other colour will be the frame. For the buttons I'm considering the skull buttons that *wollmaus* gave to me as last year's birthday present. Or maybe some simple black/silver ones.

On my feet I will wear my 30 hole boots that I already have at home.


Neisella Nightshade said...

Wären die Knöpfe vielleicht auch was?

oder wirds dir dann zu tentakelig? ^^

(oder die, Anhänger statt Knöpfe?

Ich muss auch unbedingt mal wieder n Großprojekt starten. Mir kribbeln die Finger wenn ich deine Entwürfe sehe ^^

Lisa Lotte said...

Well, I actually do seem a lot of steampunk in this one :) But the nice, decent steampunk, not this over-the-top-clockwork shit everybody is copying from each other nowadays. And bloomers to wear when it gets too hot for the pants? Always a good idea!

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Oh mein Gott sind die Knöpfe geil! O.O Und leider schon ausverkauft! *wein*

@ Mieze: Die Blmers finde ich schon zu nah an deinem Entwurf, also will ich eher in Richtung Uniform-Caprihose gehen... Ich will ja nicht klauen, aber deine Technikc und das Ergebnis fand ich unglaublich cool!