Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I might sew and wear II

This outfit has been inspired a little by Soda's recent obsession with starwars clothes and looks. My outfit will not be a copy, but something loosely inspired, so don't be afraid that I steal her ideas!

The main colours for "Barbierella" will be pink (surprise!) and white, with some accents in bright electric blue. The fabrics are already in my stash, so this will be a low cost outfit...

The short jacket will be in pink pvc, the applique on the back - a comic raygun- will have a blue background and be white with pink contrast stitches.

Somewhat like this, but with a solid round panel instead of the rays

I will use a corset in white pvc I already own. The shirt will probably be white and see through, but this design is pretty easy so I will think about the pattern when it's time.

The shorts will also be sewn from PVC, but white. I know, white PVC attracts discoloration, but I probably wont wear them that often. And I think that they will look cuter in white.

The other hardly identifyable garment is a holster with small pockets. I'm not sure how to do this or how it should look like, but I know it will be pink again.

Maybe something like this?

or like this? but with more pockets?

As I said, the holster is still open for ideas...

I will wear my white wig (which you might remember from Amphi 2009), maybe some goggles I already have at home (these are optional, but I fear that my head looks empty otherwise), some white and pink tights and socks. And white shoes which I still have to buy... This will be the expensive part because I'm considering:

New Rocks
other New Rocks
chinese "Doc Martens"

I'm open for cheaper or more stylish suggestions!

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Neisella Nightshade said...

Die zweiten Stiefel find ich ziemlich lässig. Obwohl mich da die Form der Sohle etwas stört. Aber davon abgesehen sind die schon ziemlich geil ^^

Auf das Outfit bin ich sehr gespannt. Auf die Nüre auch, klar, aber dein Vorhaben hier klingt schon n bisschen abgedreht *g*