Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trash Store - Dark shopping in Essen

As I will be traveling a lot this month I try to prepare some posts upfront. I might take some time to reply to any comments, but I hope this small "dark shopping series" has all the information necessary. If you have any recommendations for further shops just tell me, I'm always happy to get to know less mainstream goth shops…

Another store that has developed to a gothic store during the last years is the “Trash Store”. Last year they moved from the outer parts of the city right to the center next to the Limbecker Platz. This change of location seems to have invoked a change in selling range as well. Before it was more punk stuff with some stuff suited for gothics, the black folks now seem to make up the main market segment.

They added Hell bunny and Cyberdog as new brands and offer quite a variety of both. Unfortunately, as both brands are settled more in the high price range, this means that the overall prices increased. While the store was not exactly cheap before (I remember a net shirt in neon green for a hefty 20 Euros, which was available for 5 Euro in the same quality at KIK), it is hard to find something below 20 Euros now.

As I said, the range of cyber clothes is huge if one likes Cyberdog. My boyfriend unfortunately doesn’t fit into Cyberdog – they seem to make patterns for very skinny and not muscular people – so we yet have to find something to buy there. They also offer Poizen Industries and Criminal damage with more baggy styles. If you are looking for more old school gothic stuff like velvet, lace and true black – there are some 10 square meters dedicated for you. There they sell Mode:wichtig and the like.

Location (where is the shop, is it easy to find, parking etc.):



The store moved right to the new mall at the Limbecker Platz which offers relatively cheap parking. Full marks on this one!

Design (is the shop clean, are there changing rooms, ambiente):


The shop is quite large and has an interesting design. There are changing rooms in the back and several sections of clothes sorted by themes.

Selling range (only selling big brands or independent designers? How many different brands?):


Only brand stuff this time as well. A little different range with concentration on cyber clothes, so if you need some neon in your closet this is your store! And stuff is expensive here, so better be prepared!



The staff was okay, but not very helpful. When asked for other sizes or other options, they were not very responsive. But they flatter you all the time whether you fit what you put on or not… span>

Overall rating: 14/20 zombie thumb ups

If you are looking for cyber stuff and have a lot of money to spend, go there. But you might take some friends who honestly tell you if the outfit sucks on your body type! Otherwise you can get the same stuff cheaper on the internet.

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