Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cookies! Mampf!

Psycho-kitty, the craziest cookie ever!

Last week *wollmaus* came over for a huge cookie baking session. I have a much larger oven, so we decided to prepare a lot of cookies at the same time. Foundation was a butter cookie dough to which we added different flavours: green tea, matcha tea and white as well as normal chocolate.
*wollmaus* decorating with molten chocolate. She is much more skilled than me, I tend to just spread chocolate and whatever sugar decoration I have at hand over the cookie. She draws with a wooden stick!

The easier way of decorating: Spreading chocolate!

We did a lot of "quality control", so a lot of cookies went directly from the oven into our mouths...

As you might imagine, I had a lot of cleaning to do once *wollmaus* left with her portion of the cookies. But thanks to the dishwasher, I got away pretty easily! ^^

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Wollmaus said...

Boah, ich sehe genauso fertig aus, wie ich an dem Abend war.
Und heute steht eine kleine Dose mit unseren Keksen auf meinem Schreibtisch! Gleich hole ich einen Kaffee dazu. Arbeiten wird doch völlig überbewertet!