Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mighty pink

I started another project while waiting for pictures of the finished hawaii dress (Yes, it is fnished... Even the hand bastet lining, ugh!). I got this silk from the lovely wollmaus and orignially planned to make a blouse out of it. But as the amount of fabric was really restricted, this was what it evolved in:

The pattern is 6868 from simplicity, but again due to the small amount of fabric I had to tweek the collar a little. No selfmade bias tape but a fitted neckband instead... They ask for biastape binding with bought tape for the arms, but I'm not really excited about the way it looks... Any recommendations?

And for colour's sake I have to add a picture without flash. It might be wonky, but at least you can see the real colour of the precious silk:

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Anonymous said...

You put the silk to a fine use!!
I like the heart-print bias tape around the opening, but it might be nice to have that tape repeated somewhere. Else it might look like "used bought tape as I ran out of fabric" which you did, lol, but still. A small brooch or some fabric covered buttons on the collar might do the trick.