Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going to the movies

On friday I visited an open air cinema in the Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg. It was wonderful, not only did they set up a huge screen, but the illuminated the old steel work and prepared a lovly little beach with huts and cocktails!

We brought our own food, as we knew that it might take some time until they really start the movie (as they have to wait until it is dark enough) and we didn't want to rely on what they would sell there. So we prepared ruccola with tomatos, roasted pine nuts and goat cheese. To fill us we added some carbs in form of a roasted bread with garlic butter. It was yummi and we got to stuff ourself before seeing clash of the titans.

Afterwards we wandered through the illuminated and colourful old plant and tried to capture the magic. I still need to work out how my new cam works... These were the best pictures...

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