Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not another bloody pagoda!

You wanna know why I call this dress the burma dress? When I was in south east asia a while ago, I also visited Burma. As you may know or not, there is a dictatorship ruling there which limits contact of inhabitants with visitors, forces you to stay in special restaurated places and tries to limit tourists to guided tours only. These guided tours were really pretty, the landscape and the sightseeing were great. But in the three days I spent in Burma I saw what felt like 10,000 pagodas! They were all nice and the information about the arcitechtural styles was plenty, but on the third day one of my travel mates coined the term "Not another bloody pagoda!" when we headed for sightseeing. Long stry short; when I saw the fabric with all those pagodas on it, I was instantly reminded on this trip, although the pagodas a obviously more japanese inspired.

Why am I telling you all this now? Because I took the remains of the fabric from the dress and made a simple skirt after a NatronundSoda pattern, the foxglove skirt. It combines a nonstretchy with a strechy fabric and is very comfortable...

front shot
In all it's glory
Detail shot
I added two eyelets to hold a drawstring waist because I don't trust the stretchyness of the jersey

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