Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My BF's christmas present

No, this isn't one of these "I might be late, but here is your christmas present in - ehm - june!" posts. He recieved his present on christmas eve, but I totally forgot the I took pics of the process how I painted it! On sunday, Charly reminded me of these pics (and a WIP of a dress which unfortunately never fit), so I blog about this now!

This is what I started with:

  1. canvas
  2. old newspapers (to cover the painting area)
  3. a pencil
  4. some strange air dry 3D medium
  5. and colours of course!

I started with a circle for which I used a plate (yeah, getting creative there ^^) and the pencil:

Than I filled the outer area with black colour, and the inner circle give or take a centimeter, with ivory colour:

I filled the circle with the 3D medium for a moon like structure without real holes

and painted the inner part red:

Then I added some gold powder I had around, and some swishes of black to the red and of red to the black (colour composure and stuff ;) ) and viola, the finished product:

The first pciture shows the structure better, the second one is more colour accurate. *Disclaimer: The wall in my boyfriend's room is not pink. It's dark red - like blood*

If you want to know why I painted him this picture:
Long time ago we both admitted that we are into interiour decoration. So we spent some of the weekends (remember - long distance relationship) in shops for furniture. One day on the way back from paying something study related we found a very expensive furniture store - the one who lights up the A1 near Münster north in blue light. As we went inside my BF fell in love with a picture - but the price was steep for our low income (160 € if I rember correctly - for a print!). We didn't buy it and when I lateron tried to get it as a present, it was sold out. So, I made one myself for him!

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