Thursday, June 17, 2010

Burda Style 07/2010

This time I'm a little faster around, so I can talk about the new Burda issue before it is released... And what can I tell you; I'm blown away! This is the first Burda since -ehm, a year?- that I will buy! Marvel at these beauties:
The third best was hard to choose, there were so many great options, but at last my choice fell on these flat front trousers. Usually I don't like a side zip, but in this case the front has some details that overplay the lacking parting. I liked the skirt with the ruffles at the seam second best, because it's a good mixture between serious top and girly fluff at the bottom. And because I just cozldn't decide which one I like best, we have two winners this month! I love the pattern of the top, it is really something I haven't seen as a pattern until now. And the dress is just flowy and I love the neckline that frames both face and decolleté... *sigh*
But of course there is also a dark side. Usually I really love the plusmode, but this time most of the patterns were bags wtih no fit at all. So this unbelievable frumpy dress goes thrid last. Just because you have meat on your hips doesn't mean you can't show what you got! The second worst is the blouse with the ruffles on the shoulders. I'm not a fan of the shoulder emphasis going on htis season, but this really takes it over the top. I will never sew something that I can't wear under jackets!
An the looser of this issue is the fold over harem pants. Why? Oh my god, why?

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Neise||a said...

Unser Geschmack ist sehr ähnlich. Das fluffige Chiffonkleid steht schon auf meiner to-sew-Liste =)