Monday, May 10, 2010

Sewers know how to party!

A while ago I planned to go to a party with some of the people from my favourite forum, natronundsoda. We went to the Matrix, a discothek in Bochum and partied as only "Nähtanten" can!

Neisella, who also has an amazing blog that I love to read, was staying over night and we exchanged some fabrics. I got this beautiful baby pink cotton wove which matched the cherry blossoms on my wall almost exactly!

Although I like my window and my roller blinds that keep the day star out when I want to sleep in on the weekends, the window could need some more fancy and girly elements. So I sewed up some curtains and bows to add to my window:

And while taking this pics I suddenly realised how good my new curtains also fit the house on the other side of the road:

Coincedence or match made in heaven? ;)


Neise||a said...


Wann feiern wir das nächste mal *g*

MindLess said...

Wann immer du willst, Süße! Ich fands gut... ;)

Neise||a said...

Ausgezeichnet! Dann bitte ganz schnell wieder *hibbel*