Thursday, May 13, 2010

Remember my plans?

Remember the supplies for pimping that I bought two weeks ago on Stoffmarkt? I finally worked on my cardis which were lying in a basket which all bordures and laces. I even searched for the matching yarns, but than it took me a while to start with the hand sewing. While other people describe it as meditative or relaxing, I bought my sewing machine in vain hope that I would never have to sew by hand again. Well, 100 buttons and some meters of lace later, I see my attempt as failed...

So, first cardi:

General impression is good until now, I still want to do something about the sleeves (shortening? puffy sleeves?), but the lace looks good. I even made a close up, so you can see more details!

The ends are stabilised with glue so they don't rip. I only used two laces, the larger one was folded with the smaller part overlapping. I like it and plan to wear it out as soon as possible.

The other cardi did not photograph well...

But you can see the placement of the flowers and this time the pic is more colour accurate... I think about adding another flower on the left part of the neckline closer to the closure. What do you think?

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