Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm jumping on the vintage bandwagon

So, the new project I told you about in the last post? This is going to be a little more problematic than I tought. The first part is easy; I will sew some flowers on my black cardigan and call it a day. The placing in this pic is not how I would like the finished cardi, they should be a little more spaced. By the way, excuse the crappy picture, but this is the best I've got...

And my genius mum brought me this hairbow from her trip to turkey which fits the colours although she didn't know what I was planning!

My aunt also had a present for me on which I may rely to refinish the sleeves on my second project: A book named "Trendy vintage", which has cool ideas about how to pimp old cardigans, dresses or sweaters!

So, on to the problem child... I have this boring cardi in dusky pink which could use some refurnishing... I bought the laces in according colours on the stoffmarkt but now I don't know how to place them! I'll show you three options, but I'm not very happy about them. Tipps and improvements, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Some Ideas for the lace:

leave off the uppermost lace, use only the pink one over the broadest one and lay the pink one along the button facing as well as round the collar.