Sunday, May 9, 2010

5/8/2010 and other

Today I would like to compare one of my gothic party outfits to a "normal party" one. While heading to the empire of darkness I wear:

Trousers: Queen of Darkness, Tshirt: Monarchy of Death

Of course I would add some fitting shoes (or rather boots) and a lot of black eyeliner. This is one of my simpler outfits, usually I dress up a lot more. I like to change my look, so I try different looks while going out. Plus this means nobody will recognise my if I missbehave!

For the Ü30-Party (a party for people which are 30 years or older), that I attended with my colleagues as a brithday present, I also dressed dark but not all black. But I have to admit that it took my some thinking to look grown up (I would never have passed an ID control as I'm not thirty) and "normal" to avoid strange looks. This is what I wore:

Shirt: H&M new garden collection, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, belt: borrowed from my mum, wedges: Deichmann, earrings: Annelie von Uebel, necklace: present from my mum

See, still dark but not something that the girl next door wouldn't wear. By the way, I would have liked to buy that shirt in another colour, but neither red not brown suit me...

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