Monday, April 26, 2010

More home improvement

Since I started prettifying our flat, I was hard to stop today... I took pictures of the decals I had for my fridge. I won them at young house love, a blog I really love to read although our perceptions of bright are really different. Thanks again, John and Sherry (and Burger)!

As I won the decal for the american size two door fridge (completely unneccesary for a couple without kids in my opinion), there were enough leftovers for the dish washer:

Our kitchen has a serious nature feeling going on... Flowers, grass, herbs - but there will still be the occassional frozen pizza, no worries!

Next thing to do was hanging some flowery lights I bought in Ikea ages ago. You know how you never leave Ikea with only the things on your list? This was one of my additional things. But I don't regret this buy:

And the last thing I accomplished was sewing the throw for my couch. Which was almost finished for 3 month now! This picture is not colour accurate, my cam always changes violetts to be more on the blue side...

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Neise||a said...

Jaaaaaaa! Ich kann wieder stalken!!! *g*