Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm back!

Hey there,

I know I got missing in action, but after announcing that I got a new job (my first real job, which pays all my cost of living!) and with the move and the flat search I hab no time to blog. Now that things settled down a bit and the flat looks more like a home than a cave, I thought it would be fun t post some pics... The flat is not finished yet and in some corners there is still stuff standing around which has to be put into the cellar, but this will give you a general overview:

These are before pictures. You can already see parts of the kitchen which I bought the week before I moved. Because the kitchen itself is so small, the oven is in my room and all drinks are in the living room next to the table which we used to put up the wallpaper. The were no wallpapers at all but the floor has the most beautiful parquet floor!

Nest is the kitchen in it's finished glory. Or lets say almost finished, we will return the dishwasher tomorrow because it is broken and we get it fixed. But I painted one wall grass green, the counters are (fake) walnut and the kitchen itself is white. The flowers are wall tatoos, I still have to glue the foil I won in a blog on the fridge. It has a makro pic of grass that fits perfectly with the green wall and the flowers...

The bathroom - rather small but with a window and a bathtub. The shelf under the sink holds the towels, our other store is almost invisible on the pics: Three shelves are over head on the right. You can see a corner of one shelf in the picture on the left!

The living room with the dining area is calm and cosy. We put up shelves to display our books and put a reading place in front of it. This couch is also a retractable bed, in case we have guests. One of the drawers I refurnished is storage place in the living room, the other is in the hallway. Although the purple wall and the chandelier were my ideas, my boyfriend likes them almost as much as me. And you can see the view from our back windows: While I hated to move in the fourth floor, the view is amazing!

The last room I will show here is my room. My boyfriend doesn't want to appear in my blog and I respect his decision also not to show his room. Yes, we moved together but everyone has his own room, desk and bed, just in case that he wants to withdraw.
Back on topic; my room mainly consists of a bed, a huge desk in front of my window and my beautiful teal wall. I still have to paint the cherry blossoms but since I hardly have time to rest between organizing my life, working and household, this is still on the to-do-list. Once I finished them, I will post additional pics!

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Anonymous said...

Die Küche ist ja der Wahnsinn geworden! Richtig schick mit dem Grün, und wenn der Kühlschrank erst beklebt ist...Hammer.

Uaah, ich habe das Umzugschaos noch vor mir, aber dann bin ich ganz in der Nähe!