Wednesday, March 17, 2010


dress and shoes: H&M, tights: C&A, cardigan: Primark

See? More work appropriate! I have to say that my new colleagues are very friendly and unless you count my professor we are a girl squad. I enjoy working again and feeding my brain more substantual things than TV and most of the internet have to offer...

Today we brought our dishwasher into repair, hopefully it will be back next week and I can let go off this da***d handwashing! The repair guy seems to already know this problem which is both good (because he can easily repair it) and bad (because it seems fairly common - will it happen again to our machine?!) at the same time.

By the way, enigma eden was right: I was in Bremen, city of the famous stadtmusikanten! I enjoyed the glockenspiel (which tells the city's story), went into a candy shop which made fresh lemon drops for me and saw the body worlds exhibition which really impressed me. All while traveling with the BF and meeting one of my best friends. Best weekend since long time!

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