Saturday, January 2, 2010

12/31/2009 - last day before new year!

No outfit post today, sorry! But we only went partying with friends, eating raclette, discussing things and having a wonderful time, so I didn't dress up. Just comfortable black cloth which extended after several small raclette pans! ^^ But I wanted to show the nailpolish I was wearing:

I tried to capture fireworks on my nails, so black background with multi coloured sparkles. I'll wear this again before next silvester. I swear! ;)

And while I did make some resolutions (as probably every person who reads this post), I'm not quite sure if I want to make all of them public. So I will just name some here:

  1. Get a job and move out from my mums house before we start killing each other.
  2. Become a better person. Be nicer, care more about others, and do as much good as you can!
  3. No more UFOs (un-finished objects) in sewing!
I don't know if "Bleigießen" (lead pouring) is as traditional everywhere else, but I love this way of telling the future. I try to do it every year but don't really believe in this future telling stuff. Here is what I poured.
I'm taking guesses what it could be... Until now we have
  • alien baby and wing
  • bird and bug
  • shovel and skarabeus
So, what's your idea? Maybe you will guess right what the next year promises me?!

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