Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dress & tights: H&M, cardigan: emonite, boots: thrifted

Well honestly, neither my mum nor I own anything remotely coral coloured. So I tried to wing it and exchanged coral by this dusty pink. I can't buy anything because I'm on the shopping ban. I just do my very best and try to work my wardrobe the best I can.

By the way, you might have noticed that I wear some clothe more than once without washing them. This usually happens if the garment is an "outer layer", so if I wear something underneath it. Those first layer will be washed after wearing but if the outer garment is not stinky or stained, I don't see the neccessity to waste water. What do you think? Do you wash everything after wearing it once?


Cardigan and tights: Primark, dress: H&M

Again dressed to impress as I had to meet some estate agents today. As I did the polkadot theme of todays inspiration last week by accident, I dressed in dark vs bright. I added a white scarf and a dark jacket to go outside, so the contrast was more obvious there.

I'm getting a little worn out by spending most of my time in public transportation. To get to my new "hometown" it takes 3 hours due to bad coordination between trains. Thankfully this will be no longer a problem in future. But right now I hope for every day that I only have to get to my current job and back without people calling me to meet them. And I slightly fear the next weeks where some renovations have to happen... *sigh*

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Pullovers: both H&M, jeans: Dorothy Perkins

It's getting cold again, so I'm layering. Tomorrow the flat search will go on... I hope that I can do some sewing this week, I still have the fabric for a throw for my couch laying around. Which I wanted to complete before moving in three weeks - yikes!


Pullover: H&M, skirt: she, thrifted, tights: C&A

I wore this while looking at the first three flats. One of them looks promising, so I think I'll apply for that. Hopefully I will get it!


Shirt and pullover: H&M, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, skullflower: present

On my way to my boyfriend, searching for a new place to live closer to my job. I'm moving out! ^^ Finally!


Long time no see... ;) I wann present one f my all time favourite outfits to you:

Hat: Claire's, cardigan and shoes: H&M, blouse: Primark, pants: zara

Yeah I know, its not the most flattering outfit I own and not the most creative one. But:

  1. The hat was bought by my boyfriend for me! A present! I love him (and the hat of course!)!
  2. This outfit got me a job!
After the job interview I met my boyfriend and he bought me the hat. 30 minutes later my cell rang and they offered me the job! I'm so happy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Flanel biker jacket: Dorothy Perkins, vest and shoes: H&M, longsleev: Rocker chic, skirt: thrifted, tights and scarf: C&A

I did a complete series of pics because I really like this outfit. Today's topic from the january inspiration calender was "stripes with a vest" and I used the same vest as yesterday. My only "formal" vest which is fitted. This outfit has everything a girl could want: rocker print on the shirt with christals, a skirt with a petticoat, stripey tights and pink shoes. I'm in love! ^^

Btw, I might not make tomorrows inspiration (dress with a chunky necklace) as I have a job interview and think that trousers look more sensible when applying for a lab position...

And because the shop already rearranged the showroom and I wanted my friend B. to know what I was talking about; the infamous a** chair!

I'm reallly into that style but will certainly not buy it for 600€ a piece. Anybody an idea where to get them cheaper? I can't even make up phrases for the search engine... Or should I try to replicate them myself? But how?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pattern haul

Wanna know what I spent my christmas money on? Patterns! sewing-patterns.com had several sales going on during december and I bought a gazillion patterns while spending about 65€. Including shipping. It was amazing! (Anybody an idea why they don't cheap out on the vogue patterns? There were some interesting ones, but they are still to expensive to buy more than two or three. I have to calculate not only shipping but also customs if the order exceeds 35€...)

Here is what I got:




Burda fashion magazine - february

While waiting on the train together with my friend B. we had a short peak on the newest issue of the Burda magazine. And again I dont think that I will buy this issue because none of the patterns really wows me. Coming to the positive picks:Third place goes to the raglan long sleeved shirt. I like that cut and I think everyone should own a good fitting pattern for this, but I already own one. So no need to buy the magazine! Second place is again from the plus section for curvy girls. I like many of those patterns but they don't fit me, so I would have to make a lot of alternations to sew the garments. But I like caban style jackets, I even own one myself. So, I like that pattern. The best garment from this issue is the rockabilly dress with deep cutout back. A pattern I don't own yet and find very interesting. Go Burda!

But as always, not all is good. Here are the worst patterns in my opinion:

Okay, lets start with the basics: Burda, a western collection? Are you kidding me? No grown woman would wear a plaid shirt with a fringe vest in public. At least not while there is a mirror or some friends around! It isn't surprising that the two worst picks are from this collection: the fringe vest (no way I would wear that outside a bad taste party...) and the pants that even make the skinny model look fat around the hips. Another pattern I didn't like was the yellow dress from the business collection. It has a serious 80's vibe with broad shoulders and the lapel. Sorry, but I lived through the 80's and one decade of bad fashion really is more than enough!


Do you remember the fabric I bought yesterday? The green one which I intended to make a dress from? Well, I was busy as a bee...

I wore it today! I might add that wanting to wear this sweat dress was not really in accord to Kimberly's suggestion of wearing "pants and navy", but I added jeggins and a navy vest, so I think this is a pass...

Sweatdress: selfmade, vest: H&M, jeggins: C&A, boots: thrifted, green leopard hairband: Claire's

And being an evil friend I not only convinced my friend B. to buy the same fabric for her planned dress but also added more fabric to my stock. Please don't tell anyone... ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Cardigan & tights: H&M, dress: thrifted in England, scarf: C&A, headband: Claire's

I don't know what drove me this morning but instead of keeping up with the inspiration calender's inspiration for today "light and dark", I switched weeks and did "Polkadots" today. Oops! Well, I'll just exchange the days and try to stay more focused from now on.

I did a little shopping in my favourite fabric store which is a very small place stuffed with rolls of fabric owned by a turkish family. The fabric is high in quality and low in price, none exceeds 3€ per metre. This green cotton somewhat jersey corduroy will become a shirtdress I saw on this blog:

Other than that I got some plain black t-shirt jersey and black stretch satin (for an gothic fishtail skirt):

365 - denying myself

1/16/2010 - taking out my balls

1/17/2010 - lonesome by myself


Pullover & tights: Primark, skirt: selfmade, scarf: C&A

Went to my boyfriend wearing a chunky knit (the pullover) with a scarf as mentioned in the inspiration calender made by Kimberly.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cooking with honey

As promised, I annoyed asked my mum to get the recipe for honey-garlic-butter!

Honey-Garlic Butter

100 gr butter
60 gr honey
1 TL lemon juice
4 cloves garlic

Mince the garlic, then beat the room temperatured butter with honey and lemon juice. When the butter is creamy, stir in the garlic. Keep cool before eating!

You could also add a pinch of chili or black pepper instead of the garlic.

Another bonus recipe because I like my readers so much... ^^

Avocado-Mozzarella Salad
for 6 people

200 ml fresh orange juice
200 gr Mozzarella
2 mangos
125 gr rucola
1 chili
salt, pepper
2 tsp olive oil
2 tsp honey
100 gr pine nuts
1 avocado

Reduce orange juice by half, let cool to hand temperature and add spices, minced chili, oil and honey to make a vinigrette.

Roast pine nuts to medium brown.

Cut mozzarella, mangos and avocado in cubes (about 1cm side length). Wash and add rucola.

Before serving add the vinigrette and the pine nuts to the salad.


Dress: H&M, pullover: hand-me-down from a friend, tights: H&M, overknees: cut off M&S tights, boots: thrifted

According to the inspiration calender, today's topic was grey. So my outfit looks rather monotonous in several shades of black and grey. To make this less boring, the outfit has a little secret which is only visible if I lift my skirt or sit down:

I saw the idea of woolen overknees some weeks ago on work with what you've got, where Erin wore them in solid colours. When I realised that the tights I bought were to small for me (I prefer my crotch above my knees, thankyouverymuch ;) ), I just cut them off in the morning. I think I have to do some sewing to keep them from fraying, but I love the look!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hoodie: selfmade, scarf: C&A, skirt: Orsay, tights: H&M, boots: Undercover (thrifted)

Combining a hoodie and a skirt as suggested by Kimberley is also something that would not have crossed my mind normally. This challenge I imposed on myself to try to follow her suggestions for the whole month is really making my cross my borders!

My mum went to a cooking class centered around the ingredient "honey" yesterday and brought some leftovers for me. While the salad with avocado, mozzarella cheese, rucola, mango, roasted chashews and orange honey sauce was great, I instantly fell in love with honey-garlic butter. Thse of you who know me personally are already aware of my love for garlic and the combination of garlic and sweetness is very interesting when well done. One of my favourite pizza toppings is pineapple and garlic...

I try to squeeze the recipe out of her and will post it for those who are interested!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dress: Lady language, vest: selfmade, jeggins: C&A, shoes: H&M

Not only did my clothes fit the requirements of the january inspiration calender by including a (faux) wrap dress, but they were rather experimental. Until some month ago I would never have worn jeggins and even less recognisable jeggins. I tend to hide them in boots as I think they are not the most flattering thing on my figure. But today I was open for wearing them in public. I think the colour match draws the eyes away from the bottom to the vest.

I met my friend B. for "high tea" in the afternoon, she made delicious scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream! Clotted cream is almost impossible to find in Germany but she found a substitute that is sold by turkish supermarkets. She's just amazing!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Shirt: without tag, no idea! ^^, cardigan: Colours of the world, skirt: selfmade, tights: Ergee

The inspiration calender asked for orange and purple today, so thats what I wore! I case you slightly worry about your sanity; yes those are care bears on my skirt! I know I might be getting a little to old to wear it, but I try to get as much mileage out of it as I can...

This week we are disecting cockroaches in the course. The smell is very disgusting, this is my least favourite animal to disect, I think. My morals haunt me with the mice but my stomach dislikes the roaches more...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Children playing in the snow... NSFW!

While playing in the snow today, my BF and I built a snow woman. She somehow reminds me of the "Venus von Willendorf", an ancient symbol for fertility...

365 - staying in and being boring!




Dress: Tchibo, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, cardigan: H&M

I'm slightly annoyed by my boyfriend in this picture, he was throwing paperballs at me! Usually he is pretty supportive but I sometimes think he is not very happy with me taking pictures every day. This will be a wonderful weekend, we will just stay in, relax and he will cook for me! During our time together he learned to cook and he is an amazing chef!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Shirt: Tee fury, longsleeve: Primark, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, scarf: C&A

"Yellow and tan", the inspiration from Kimberley's calender today, was already mentioned as problematic for my wardrobe. I honestly own nothing in yellow, neither accessoirs nor cloth. This shirt was the only thing that was remotely yellow and I cheated because it also incorporates tan in the print... But as an excuse; I'm sick and had to get up in the morning for a long day of work. So I did my best and call this one a pass! ^^


Tights, blouse and pullover: H&M, skirt: from my mum

I tried to brighten the pic on the left because my pics tend to get darker and darker... On the right the difference between black pullover, navy skirt and navy blouse with purple dots is not clear. Again my outfit is inspired by Kimberley; I had the "Pop of purple" in my tights...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Shirt: X-traX, jeans: Primark, pullover: H&M

Got up at 5.30 a.m. and will do that again tomorrow. I like the course but hate the time in the morning. Especially because I was early by 30 minutes today. I think about switching busses again, but last time all busses were late and this one was the only bus which took me to work on time. *sigh*

I try to change my hair a little more often, because I'm bored by looking the same all day every day. Today I braided my ponytail Lara Croft style. But my hair is shorter and it's already 9 p.m. so the hairdo has lost his glory. I also went with Kimberly's suggestions in her january inspiration calender: black with pink. I already have an idea for tomorrow but I will have my problems with thursday. Tan and yellow... I don't think that I have anything yellow in my closet...

Monday, January 4, 2010


Cardigan: Colours of the world, dress: Tchibo, jeggins: C&A

Following Fab Finds Under $50's january inspiration calender, I wore a cardi today to keep me warm. I know it's kind of hard to see, because a black cardi on top of my dark blue dress is vanished by my horrible cam.

Sew along - shirt finished!

I finished the first part of the sew along by sewing the shirt! I still have to put on the buttons, but I can't find them in my mess... *sigh*

The dress is also almost finished; I have to add the jabot. I think I will make it detachable, so I can wear the dress with and without.


Pullover: Primark, scarf: thrifted, jeggins: C&A, socks: knit by mum, headband: Claire's

Woke up at 5 am today and looked like crap. It didn't improove during the day, so please ignore my mighty tired look...

But: Snow!!!

This much! At least 7 cm! I'm totally amazed, usually we don't get much snow at all around here...

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Pullover: H&M, shirt: Kid Pirate, pants: label not readable, sorry!, scarf: thrifted, socks: Primark (cup: souvenir from ireland)

While I spent the night partying and drinking whiskey, I think I caught a little cold. To not make it worse I drank tea and kept warm all day. Hopefully BF's hugs and kisses will keep me from getting really sick as I have to work on monday!

12/31/2009 - last day before new year!

No outfit post today, sorry! But we only went partying with friends, eating raclette, discussing things and having a wonderful time, so I didn't dress up. Just comfortable black cloth which extended after several small raclette pans! ^^ But I wanted to show the nailpolish I was wearing:

I tried to capture fireworks on my nails, so black background with multi coloured sparkles. I'll wear this again before next silvester. I swear! ;)

And while I did make some resolutions (as probably every person who reads this post), I'm not quite sure if I want to make all of them public. So I will just name some here:

  1. Get a job and move out from my mums house before we start killing each other.
  2. Become a better person. Be nicer, care more about others, and do as much good as you can!
  3. No more UFOs (un-finished objects) in sewing!
I don't know if "Bleigießen" (lead pouring) is as traditional everywhere else, but I love this way of telling the future. I try to do it every year but don't really believe in this future telling stuff. Here is what I poured.
I'm taking guesses what it could be... Until now we have
  • alien baby and wing
  • bird and bug
  • shovel and skarabeus
So, what's your idea? Maybe you will guess right what the next year promises me?!


Pullover: Only, shirt and tights: H&M, skirt: Colours of the world

Sure signs that my boyfriend returned from his "guy days"? Soft drinks in my picture and me laughing because he is doing funny things while I try to take a picture!

My brother reached 21 years of age today, he has grown so much mentally and personally during the last years. He enrolled in the Bundeswehr (german army) for the next years, which I'm not that happy about. But he will make his way and I respect his decision for the way he has grown up...


dress: Tchibo, shirt: Madonna, jeggins: C&A, boots thrifted

Today was the last day I was able to shop for clothes (see the ban I promised), so I went all out with two new and two old friends. We went to a mall which is kind of special here in Germany. Usually we have streets where shops are lined up, but a mall in a sence of one huge building incorporating a large number of shops is rare.

I spent most of my christmas money on tights, makeup and accessoiries. It was a great day and I don't regret an euro spent!