Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pull it out! - finished drawer

Do you remember the knobs from Ikea my mum brought for me from her shopping trip?

Seconds ago I completed the refurnished drawers by screwing in the new knobs. I love the look of it! Please mind the chaotic surroundings, I had to bring the drawers into the cellar because my mum was offended by them standing on our pation and blocking her view on the garden... But here we go:

And while you admire the drawers (I think I hear some "Uh"s and "Ah"s! ;) ), I present to you the second set (with an even worse picture), which I also refurnished with the same materials. It's not only drawers at the upper part but includes a shoe cabinet!

Honestly, it looks better in real life! But the cellar is crammed with my stuff (my furniture had to go somewhere until I move again) and the light is dim. I had to squeeze myself between two drawers and a table to get this pic...

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