Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best of 2009 - new food and changed home

Today I will kill to flies in one sitting by answering two topics at once! ^^

Best of 2009 - new food

This year I didn't try much new food as I also didn't travel a lot. But I got more accostumed to eating out than ever before. Usually I was shy of going out because I normally think that I can cook most of the food at home just as well. Exceptions were cheap eating out places like McD or Pizza Hut. But since I go out with boyfriend I spend more money on eating than ever. Not that I regret that but I'm more than happy to try new stuff!

So, while I didn't try new food in a sence of lebanese or southwest-african food, I tried a lot of new places which are cooking european food. Medieval places, french cuisine, european standard cooking... I tried different tastes and like all of them! One of the places I still have in mind was a small portugese restaurant were I ate amazing monkfish. It was months ago but thinking of it my mouth still waters...

Best of 2009 - change you made to the place you live

I moved to my parents not very long ago and plan to move as soon as I find a job which allows me to support myself. So while I made some improvements to my stuff, I did neither improve home nor my own place. You can read in my blog that I prettified drawers and reupholstered my office chair. I also bought some new stuff but all my pretty things are still waiting for me in the cellar while I live in my former nursery. Well, at least I can save some money by not paying rent right now! *sigh*

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