Thursday, December 3, 2009

Best of 2009 - Blog challenge! Best trip and best restaurant moment

Today I found a very interesting challenge made by simply sam who wants us to judge events in our live from the past year, one per day. As I really like challenges and sitting down in december to think about the year I will participate! I already missed two days but I will just put my answers in this post:

December 1st: Best trip 2009 - Berlin

Although I love to travel I didn't get that far this year. I was writing and researching for my Masters thesis, so I had low budget and even less time. But in september for the first time I went to the german capital and fell in love! I was there with the BF and though it was only a short trip I saw many tourist features and grasped the athmosphere of the different districts. I think I will return in future to get more of Berlin!

December 2nd: Best restaurant moment 2009 - Sushimoto in Frankfurt

While working at the Achema (a chemistry fair in Germany) I visited some great restaurants but the sushimoto was definitely the best. Not only do they serve amazing sushi but there are also tepanyaki plates where the chef is cooking the food right in front of you! Great quality ingredients, yummi taste and show cooking - can a restaurant offer more?

The ebst thing about the dinner there was dessert (although I may be biased because I have a seriuos sweet tooth ^^): vanilla ice cream wrapped in filo dough and fried on the teppanaki plate. The chef also flambèd the ice cream and added some spices I don't know. It was simply delicous! I still drool while I remember...

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