Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Jeans and cardigan: Primark, shirt: Kid Pirate

I liked today. I tried to keep the "calm down and relax" attitude from yesterday and didn't do much today. Sent of the christmas presents for my dad, made buttons and thought a lot about what I want to do in future.

I reserved a domain this evening which I intend to use for selling the cltohes I produce. Most likely I will also end up using Etsy and Dawanda to sell stuff, but renting the domain is a first step in realising my design career. I don't know much about selling stuff (okay, the basics: Make more money than you spent and quality always pays) and this will be an entirely new field of work. I didn't learn anything in this direction.

But I have friends and family who support me. Programmers, business bachelors and loving friends and parents - so I see everything very optimistic at this point!

But I have to admit one thing - please don't hit me, B.! - I didn't practise my knitting much! I promise to be better tomorrow, I will spend a lot of time sitting in busses without usefull stuff to do. I already hear my scarf calling...

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