Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dress: H&M, shirt and peacock hairband: Primark, tights: Ergee, boots: thrifted, watch: inherited from my grandma

Yesterday BF and I were pretty spontaneous and decided to see Avatar in a 3D cinema. Though I liked the special effects and creative creature (but what biologist wouldn't like selfilluminated plants and flying dragons?), I was dissappointed by the story. I thought that finally someone would teach average Joe the plumber that violence is not the only solution to end a war about resources. But in the end the war was settled by even more stupid violence... Well, at least the violence looked good!

Today my BF and my mum had to do some last minute shopping and I accompanied them. Both bought more stuff for themselves than presents... But any minute I will watch Dead Snow with BF in front of an cosy fire...
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins, cardigan: Colours of the world

To keep myself warm outside, I put on a jacket and my dirty little self-sewn secret: a midnight blue satin slip. The slipdress from the same fabric will maybe presented if I have an attack of no self consciousness...

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