Thursday, December 17, 2009


Pullover: H&M, scarf: thrifted, dress: Lady Language, jeans: Dorothy Perkins

Second day of course (well, at least for me. Usually it would be the third day...) and it is already getting annoying. I mean, I like the work and my students are very nice and mostly interested. But I get to tell the same stuff over and over again. And then some... They all ask the same questions. And they ask the same questions several times. But at least nobody is offensive this year, last year there were some rather strange personalities in one of the groups I supervised...

And did you notice? In the background of my picture? S-N-O-W!!! Yay! Yesterday evening my boyfriend called and asked me if I wished for snow again. Last time I wished snow was for my birhtday in 2006. And shortly after my wish we had 30cm snow, public transportation borke down and a town with friends of mine was out of power for 3 days... That's why I'm very careful with snowy wishes now and I'm certainly not responsible for the snow this time. But I'm soooo happy about it!

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