Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Black pullover and turquoise longsleeve: H&M, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, socks: knit by my mum, scarf: thrifted, belt: "borrowed" from my mum

Wearing comfortable and warm clothes as it is below 0°C today and I had to attend a course. Getting up at 6 am is not my favourite pass time. But the students were fast and interested, so the course was enjoyable.

On monday night I set up our christmas tree! I inherited the plastic christmas tree from my grandma and every year I put it up and decorate it. My mum says she is not interested in the tree, but three years ago she started to suggest colours I could use --> she surrendered! This year the ornaments and decorations are black and gold/orange.

And here is the tree at night, with pretty lights on. Sorry for the blur, but my cam is more the outdoorsy and bright light type...

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paiselystern said...

Bissl fückig, oder?
Aber ich denke, im Münsterland kann man keine gescheiten Fichten kriegen ;-)
Liebe Grüße aus dem 10 cm tief eingeschneiten Sauerland!