Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Black blouse: Primark, cardigan: H&M, pants: Zara, socks: skull argyle socks from last week

It's me, looking tired! I took the picture at 11 pm, after I got up at 6 am to get to my gazillionst job interview. What I thought to be one interview turned to two when another professor (or rather his assistant) showed a lot of interest in me. I will get to know their decision on monday so keep your fingers crossed that I will be employed by next year!

On the way back from the job interview I stopped to congratulate BF's grandma who celebrated her birthday with the family. She seemed pretty happy to see me, so it was worth coming home so late. Now I have to supervise the animals physiology course where students are disecting animals, so I have to get up very early every day. This week is Cnidaria week, so we analysed Hydra.

By the way, my mum brought me the doorknobs for the dresser I redid. This is what I got:

Now I only have to install them and the dresser is finally finished! Yay!

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