Sunday, December 13, 2009


Cardigan & shirt with bow: H&M, pants: modified from Overzeas

Shirt and suspender: H&M, corset: thirfted, panty: Primark, stockings: C&A, boots: Undercover

As you might notice we had a little change of plans on fridays: while I thought we were heading for a party, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the movies. Partying was suspended until saturday where another party was interesting for us. The movie we saw was 2012. I liked it very much! The special effects were amazing, the storyline plainly stupid and sometimes horribly wrong - perfect popcorn movie without any requirements!

The party on saturday was in the Kultkeller in Duisburg. It was okay, pretty dance intensive but not my favourite location. But it was okay and relatively cheap which is always a plus!

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