Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy as fish in the pond

Talking about creativity... As a present I plan to paint a shirt with two kois. I'm not quite shure if the recipient likes what she gets, but in the end: If I don't finish the shirt I will never know! ^^

I started with washing the shirt to get rid of the chemicals which might lower the ability of the fabric colours to stick to the fabric. While it dried I searched for some inspiration... This is what I came up with:

Them I drew the outlines on the shirt. I used white eyeliner for this as I know that it washes of without any traces. Lets take a look at the first result...

By the way, the colour of the shirt is much nicer in real life. And I had to increase the contrast and lower the brightness to make my outlines visible in the picture.

Then I started painting. I began with the bright orange, the darkest colour I need for the picture. By the way this is the second fish, I somehow got there first...

After this first colourings dried, I started reapplying the bright orange and mixing and drawing with white and sunny yellow.

Now it's time to wait for tommorow until I can go on with drawing...

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