Thursday, November 5, 2009


Pullover and Tights: H&M, Skirt and hairbow: selfmade, earrings (don't know if you can see them clearly, but they are twigs with cherry blossoms): etsy seller Dang's supplies

Today I did my hair in bear ears, so two little buns on the upper back of my head. I also wore a selfmade skirt, I took a picture of the label which I sew on every cloth I make. Apropos selfmade: I burned my thumb yesterday while glueing the hairbows, but I like how they look so I think there are more to come. I try to get my creativity flowing again since it suffered from writing my thesis...

A special friend of mine had her masters defence today and passed gloriously! I met her parents and friends afterwards; all very nice people. Some were not as I expected but we had a terrific time!

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