Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Pleather jacket: New Yorker, skirt: selfmade, blouse and pullover: H&M, tights: Primark, flats: Esprit

I had my eyes set on this pleather rocker/biker jacket a while ago, but it cost 50 € which is to much even for a pleather jacket in my opinion. But as I headed to the lunch date with my friend, I saw that it was marked down to 20€ and took the last one in my size home with me! Thanks to the lining it is warm enough to be worn now.
I finished the skirt on sunday, but the matching vest has some minor problems... I couldn't find the pattern but had one vest cut out and not sewed. The fabric was elastic which the satin used for the skirt isn't. But usually I cut stretchy fabric without seam allowance and call it a day. So I simply added 1cm allowance to the vest and cut out the satin vest. After I closed the first seams and tried it on, I realised: this time I included the allowance in the stretchy vest. And therfore the satin vest is humongous and needs to be sized down. I think that will be my task for tonight...

Today I pulled my hair back in a ponytail but to keep it more "me" and less strict, I added this bow:

It has a beautiful cameo in a black setting with rhinestones and the bow itself has gears screenprinted on red satin. It has a steampunky flair but can still be integrated into normal work and play outfits. I love it! It was a present to the second anniversary of my boyfriend and me...

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