Thursday, November 26, 2009

11/26/2009 - Go party like it's your birthday!

Jacket: New Yorker, pullover: Primark, longsleeved shirt: H&M, jeggins: C&A, boots: thrifted

Channeling the inner rocker chick today... I'm still in love with the biker jacket, so I wore it when I went outside. Had to do some bureaucracy today and needed to shop for some stuff for the birthday party on saturday.

The whole day was very birthday-y: I had a breakfast with cake and presents, friends and family called to congratulate me... I opened my first present 5 minutes after midnight, it was chocolate fondue from my friend I met yesterday! Yummi! Thanks so much!

Other than that I got knitted socks from my mum, some books and we are going out for dinner in half an hour... What a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Pleather jacket: New Yorker, skirt: selfmade, blouse and pullover: H&M, tights: Primark, flats: Esprit

I had my eyes set on this pleather rocker/biker jacket a while ago, but it cost 50 € which is to much even for a pleather jacket in my opinion. But as I headed to the lunch date with my friend, I saw that it was marked down to 20€ and took the last one in my size home with me! Thanks to the lining it is warm enough to be worn now.
I finished the skirt on sunday, but the matching vest has some minor problems... I couldn't find the pattern but had one vest cut out and not sewed. The fabric was elastic which the satin used for the skirt isn't. But usually I cut stretchy fabric without seam allowance and call it a day. So I simply added 1cm allowance to the vest and cut out the satin vest. After I closed the first seams and tried it on, I realised: this time I included the allowance in the stretchy vest. And therfore the satin vest is humongous and needs to be sized down. I think that will be my task for tonight...

Today I pulled my hair back in a ponytail but to keep it more "me" and less strict, I added this bow:

It has a beautiful cameo in a black setting with rhinestones and the bow itself has gears screenprinted on red satin. It has a steampunky flair but can still be integrated into normal work and play outfits. I love it! It was a present to the second anniversary of my boyfriend and me...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Party costume - reanimation of halloween!

See what I made for my birthday party on saturday:

I will be a witch! This year, as I was not able to attend any halloween party - which by the way is not nearly as famous here in Germany as in the States or Britain - I decided to throw a party myself. We will have a horror buffet, watch bad horror movies and eat lots of sweets. I will tell you on sunday how it went and show pictures of my full costume.


Shoes, skirt, longsleeve and cardigan: H&M, tights: Ergee, nearly invisible t-shirt: Evil genius promo shirt

Although you can't see the shirt, I love it. It shows the german book's cover art. And it fits me, because I studied science and try to conquer the world... Later... Muhahahahhaa!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Pullover: H&M, skirt: selfmade, pink leopard tights: Primark, 30 hole boots: Undercover

Pose on the picture describes my mood. I'm annoyed by my current living situation, my unemployement, my sewing mistakes... Do you know those days, when everything is just worse although it's the same as yesterday? I know it will be better today, but I think I'll just stay inside and away from people today.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Shirt and socks: Primark, cardigan: H&M thrifted, earrings: Annelie_vonUebel Design

Yesterday I recieved the package containing these beauties in my ears. I always loved Annelie's designs but was never shure if I would wear them often or if they would look good on me. But two weeks ago I met her in person on a fair and she had these earrings in bronze colour with her. I instantly fell in love and ordered them in silver.

365 - 1




Cardigan and blouse: H&M, trousers: Dorothy Perkins, socks: Primark

The picture today was taken by my boyfriend, he visited early this week. Thursday to sunday, almost like a short holiday!
Tomorrow we will go to the netherlands, buying stuff. Nothing illegal, just vla, streusel (hagelslag) and uncut videogames. Okay, vla fulfills my cravings so it might feed my slight addiction. And the videogames are not available in Germany, so this might also be barely legal. Maybe this just is a trip in the grey zone... *grin*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Dress: selfmade, tights: Tchibo, pullover: thrifted by a friend, jacket: Dorothy Perkins, boots: thrifted

Today I finished this dress. I used a new pattern and next time I will make a musselin first if I never sewed anything from that corporation before. I had (and still have) some fitting issues. I guess I will take the dress in at the hips, but I wanted to make a real life test trial (you know: sitting, eating, running after a bus...) before I make any changes.


Trousers: Miss Selfridges, cardigan and socks: Primark, jacket: Dorothy Perkins

Today I want to start something new: As it's cold outside and I guess that everyone in the northern hemosphere is wearing thick layers of outer wear, I will take a pic with and one without coat or jacket. Maybe some other people will join in because I have huge problems mathcing everything and still looking pulled together. How do you do that? Unlimited supply of coats? All black wardrobe?

Monday, November 16, 2009


Dress: Tchibo, shirt: Primark, tights: Ergee, socks: knit by my mum

Comfy cloth today as I was not planning to leave the house today. Spent the day writing job applications, sewing and gazing my navel... Behind me you can see the crappy weather which kept me inside. Well, there is one thing I achieved today that made me proud:

I put on some nail polish! I told you before I love thse funky colours but never had the chance to keep them on my nails. But now I do and here I proudly present my first holo colour. In the upper picture you can see the silverish glitter, but in the blurry one the holo shows up. The colour is L.A. Girl Rockstar in double platinum, btw.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009



Hair flower and t-shirt: H&M, cardigan: Primark, eyeliner: P2

Let me think about this one...

Your Word is "Think"

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And sometimes you feel like you don't have enough time to take it all in.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Shirt: "till death do us part" by, longsleeve: Primark, skirt: thrifted and painted by me, tights: Ergee

As you might see, I'm on the phone with my boyfriend. Long distance relationships do that to you, you are on the phone half of the time when you are at home! We ordered the shirt together, so next week we might go matchy... This will be an exception, I usually detest couples that chare everything.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Trousers: Miss Selfridges, blouse: Primark (not the same as yesterday!), vest and shoes: H&M, necklace: present from my boyfriend

Today I was at a job carnival but not very successful. Almost no vendors were interested in biologists. But I gathered some informations about a second masters degree I'm interested in. A MBA in business administration or personal management, it would look good in my c.v. and would make me more confident in my abilities to lead and organise human resources.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Blouse: Primark, sweatervest: Strauß, pants: Miss Selfridges, socks and scarf: H&M

Today I had an job interview. I don't know if it went well and I'm even less sure if I want to work there. I will just wait if they come back to me and tell me they want me to work there (ha, like that is ever going to happen) and reconsider then...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Pullover: Fishbone, headwrap: mom, trousers: Miss Selfridges, socks and scarf: H&M

Well, nothing exciting today. I did a lot of painting so I had to keep my hair out of the way and I used the headwrap my mum brought me from Berlin for it. I will head to the movies with my mum and a friend of hers to see the popess. It better be good!

The only other good thing that happened today was that I ordered Rammstein tickets with my boyfriend! It took some time and planning, but we ordered and though we are poor now, we are even more excited! Yay!

Fish in the water, fire in the sky...

Okay, stupid reference to... Do you know whom? ;) Well, the Shirt is almost finished. Here is the progress from today... Painting the fins:

Then I searched for the black paint to finish the eyes. After -ahem- 15 minutes, I was able to paint both fish's eyes:

So, the colours still have to dry for 24 hours, afterwards I will wash and iron the shirt. I have to remove the last chalk marks before I can wrap the present. I can't believe that I have finished everything and still have plenty of time to ship it! Here is the whole shirt in all it's glory:

Btw: Deep purple "smoke on the water"

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Trousers: Miss Selfridges, Socks: Primark, Cardigan: thrifted, Shirt: Kid pirate

Comfortable traveling clothes. Had to get back from my boy today, so I spent 3 hours in bus and train... I love the shirt, it has a tie and colar printed on it. It somehow looks more formal than a plain shirt, but the small print on the chest (which is hardly visible and even less readable) says "kid pirate academy". And the shirt came with two buttons, one with a mummy and one with a killer penguin!


Skirt, tights and corsett: thrifted, shirt: Primark, boots: New Rock

As you might have noticed my outfit is different today. I went to an anime convention with my boyfriend and afterwards we headed to a party named tokyo decadance. As I wanted to dress up somehow, I thought that the sugar skull ladies by Silvia Ji would make a nice and wearable costume idea. Many people took pictures and complimented me on my looks, so I think it went alright... By the way, the pictures were taken late at night, so some of the make up has already disappeared. I was still surprised how well it kept on my face!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hairbow glory

Something else I did while the shirt was drying... Hairbows!

Two with a ribbon with russian dolls on it. I really like the style and the remember me of the russian girl I was sharing my office with during my master. Not because of the look of the dolls but rather cause of the design!

Japanese ribbon ones with sakura (cherry blossoms), fans and asian girls. I think I will wear them tonight for the show!

And to show that no great things can be achieved without sacrifices: The blister I got while working with the hot glue gun...

Keeping on swimming

So, today I almost finished painting the first fish. Some minor corrections and the eye still have to be done, but all in all I'm quite happy with the result!

While the first fish dried, I started painting the second one. I finished the scales and some parts of the head, but the fins still need some work.

Now you can see the placement right next to the neck of the shirt. As I said, still working on the fins. I think I will be finished on monday, once I find my black fabric colour. I will need that for the eyes...


Pullover, tights and shoes: H&M, Skirt: Orsay, Glasses: eyes+more, cold: my mom ^^

As you might notice by my red nose and arkward face, I am still somehow sikish. Stuffed nose, sour throat, headache - you name it, I have it! So I wasn't very creative and grabbed the stuff from yesterday to wear today. But I swear they were still mostly fresh and I didn't do anything stinky yesterday!

Today I'm meeting some very old friends for the first time since month. I know them since I moved to the little town were I spent most years as a child, so for about 12 years. We are heading over to a bellydancing show and stay for tea and turkish food afterwards. And to have a little chat about what happened while we didn't meet, of course!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy as fish in the pond

Talking about creativity... As a present I plan to paint a shirt with two kois. I'm not quite shure if the recipient likes what she gets, but in the end: If I don't finish the shirt I will never know! ^^

I started with washing the shirt to get rid of the chemicals which might lower the ability of the fabric colours to stick to the fabric. While it dried I searched for some inspiration... This is what I came up with:

Them I drew the outlines on the shirt. I used white eyeliner for this as I know that it washes of without any traces. Lets take a look at the first result...

By the way, the colour of the shirt is much nicer in real life. And I had to increase the contrast and lower the brightness to make my outlines visible in the picture.

Then I started painting. I began with the bright orange, the darkest colour I need for the picture. By the way this is the second fish, I somehow got there first...

After this first colourings dried, I started reapplying the bright orange and mixing and drawing with white and sunny yellow.

Now it's time to wait for tommorow until I can go on with drawing...


Pullover and Tights: H&M, Skirt and hairbow: selfmade, earrings (don't know if you can see them clearly, but they are twigs with cherry blossoms): etsy seller Dang's supplies

Today I did my hair in bear ears, so two little buns on the upper back of my head. I also wore a selfmade skirt, I took a picture of the label which I sew on every cloth I make. Apropos selfmade: I burned my thumb yesterday while glueing the hairbows, but I like how they look so I think there are more to come. I try to get my creativity flowing again since it suffered from writing my thesis...

A special friend of mine had her masters defence today and passed gloriously! I met her parents and friends afterwards; all very nice people. Some were not as I expected but we had a terrific time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Pullover and matching socks: H&M, Blouse: Primark, Trousers: Miss Selfridges, nail polish: L.A. Girl Rockstar collection in addict

I kind of get into that nail polish thing. I like the bright colours and that glitter in there, but anyone who wears latex gloves in the lab for 6 hours a day, knows how frustrating it is to see the leftovers after a day of work. Now that I'm searching for a job, I don't have to be as lab proove and can dress and polish the way I want to. Unless I have an job interview, that is...


Skirt (and shirt, which you can't see under my pullover ^^): H&M, pullover: Only, boots: thrifted, rings: mother of pearl ring: thrifted, saphire ring: thailand

Most of the time, I have my hair in a bun. Because in the lab it is mandatory and I'm too lazy to think much about my hair. But my boyfried loves open hair, so I gave it a go. Makes me more girly and feminine, I guess... Do you like it?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Cardigan, Skirt and Shoes: H&M, Tights: C&A, Longsleeve Shirt: Rock and Roll Lovers, Peacock-Fascinator: Primark

Although you might not see it in this picture the skirt is very dear to me. I have it for at least 6 years and wear it every year in fall. It has ruffles on the lower back, a front which is buttoned up and a beautiful teal colour. And it makes my butt look damn sexy in real life! ;)